Tiger leap have XinCheng | direct guang Yang bay bridge after the construction site

2022-08-06 0 By

On February 17, the construction site of guangyangwan Bridge was in full motion.The reporter learned from the construction side of the project that, at present, the construction of steel cofferdam pier is being carried out in the island, and the foundation work of bridge construction will be completed in the near future, including all installation tasks and platform demolition. This year, the pouring of all continuous sections of the bridge will be completed, laying a foundation for the subsequent bridge deck construction and bridge closing.It is reported that during the Spring Festival, the Guangyangwan Bridge project did not stop completely, there are still workers at the construction site to finish the work, in order to be able to start construction as soon as possible after the resumption of work, not affecting the construction period of the bridge.After the completion of the project, Guangyang Bay Bridge will connect Guangyang Island and Port Avenue, undertake the function of traffic conversion inside and outside the island, further connect various regional plates of Island Bay, and play an important role in driving the regional economic development of Guangyang Bay Smart innovation Eco-city.Source: Guangyang Bay Zhichuang Ecological City Responsibility: He Jun