The BCI suffered a crash below 2000 BPI and the BSI rebounded above 3000

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The BCI fell below 2000 after 11 trading days as the iron ore supply chain was affected by the war.BPI and BSI both crossed 3000 points, benefiting from the wartime priority of grain supply and demand.General situation: there were 2,309 trading days from January 2, 2013 to this week, with the average BDI of 1307 points, an increase of 3 points or 0.23% compared with last week, still lower than the profit and loss node 1500 points. BDI greater than 2000 points accounted for 295 trading days or 12.78%;The range between 1000 and 2000 accounts for 1043 trading days or 45.17%;Less than 1000 points accounted for 971 trading days or 42.05%, a total of 2014 trading days below 2000 points (inclusive), accounting for 87.22%.The BDI closed at 2,544 this week, up 1,544 points or 154.4 percent, down 6.1 percent from last week, and an annual increase of 42 points and 4.2 percent.From September 15, 2008 to the post-crisis period, the average BDI of this week was 1344 points, and the overall recovery was in a state of progress.BDI: THIS week, BDI dropped one point on Thursday and closed at 2544 points, down 61 points or 2.34% from last week and up 1.82% from last week.The weekly increase was -2.34%, 1.82% higher than last turnover;Net growth continued to fall to 19.20%;The weekly average was 2404 points, 236 points or 8.94% lower than last week, and 13.91% lower than last week.It was 177 points or 7.95 percent higher than last year’s 2,227 points, which was 4.47 percent lower than this week’s 2.13 percent.All four BDI indicators (close, average, high and low) were lower than last week.BCI: BCI fell for five times this week, closing value continued to fall to 1887 points, 718 points or 27.56% lower than last week, 23.40% lower than last week;1526 points or 44.71% lower than BPI and 34.65% lower than last week;Weekly increase of -30.97%, 28.62% lower than last week;Net growth continued to fall to 11.94% during the year.The weekly average of 2120 points, 570 points or 21.19% lower than last turnover, offset last week’s increase;1105 points or 34.26% lower than BPI, 26.32% wider than last week;It was 165 points or 7.22 percent lower than last year’s 2,285 points, which was up by -2.00 percent in the same week last year and 32.97 percent higher than this week.The average daily profit of capesize ended this week at $15,648, down $5,956 or 27.57% from last week, up $5,365 from last week;The weekly average value was $17,583, $4726 or 21.18% lower than the previous turnover, and the surplus was $8,441.Compared to Panamax, it closed $15,065 or 49.05% lower, 32.57% wider than last week.The weekly average was down $11,444 or 39.43%, widening 24.27% from last week.BPI: this week BPI all five points, the closing value of 3413 points, 539 points higher than last turnover or 18.75%, 28.57% higher than last turnover;The weekly increase was 17.56%, 27.67% higher than last turnover.The net increase increased to 32.48% during the year;The weekly mean was 3225 points, 303 points higher than last turnover or 10.37%, 16.45% higher than last week;313 points or 10.75 percent higher than last year’s 2,912 points;In the same week last year, the increase was 4.94 percent, 22.50 percent lower than this week.This week, the average daily profit of Panamax freight closed at $30713, an increase of $4845 or 18.93% compared with last week, and a loss of $7662 or 271.99% compared with last week, offset last week’s -6439 or -259.32%;The weekly average was $29027, $2731 or 10.39% higher than last turnover, and $4436 or 260.18% higher than last week.BSI: The BSI ended the week up four points and down one at 3020, up 98 points or 3.35% from last week.The weekly increase was 3.31%, 4.53% higher than last turnover;The net increase for the year increased to 29.60%, with a weekly average of 3000, up 95 points or 3.27% from last week.This is 931 points or 45.00% higher than last year’s 2,069 points.In the same week last year, the increase was -6.69 percent, 10.00 percent lower than this week.Up and down trend: BDI this week no 5+ consecutive up (down) into a wave of up (down) trend.This week, THE BCI saw its third consecutive decline of 5 consecutive days, 21 trading days after the previous decline.This week, the BPI extended last week’s seven-point rally to the third in a row, just three trading days after the previous rally.The BSI extended last week’s rally, the third in a row of six, and came just three sessions after the previous rally.What to watch for: This week’s year-to-date net gains for the BDI architecture indices are as follows: BDI continued to decline to 19.20%, BCI continued to decline to 11.94%, BPI to 32.48%, and BSI to 29.60%.In the same period of last year, they were 51.49%, 29.18%, 79.59% and 66.42%, indicating that this week’s net growth rate is obviously weak compared with last year, and the future market is not optimistic.From the freight rate daily profit and freight rate index weekly growth comparison, the capesize ship is -30.99% to -30.97%, compared with last week continued to expand 0.01%, significantly decreased;Panamax was -17.53% to -17.56%, with a drop of 0.03%, widening by 0.03% from last week.