“Student ten years of cold window, does not deserve your efforts of several generations?”, the reality of bone feeling and piercing heart

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The college entrance examination is a result of many students’ cold years, and also a turning point of their fate.After reading a lot of books, students realize how much their environment affects them, both financially and mentally.Therefore, the purpose of many students’ college entrance examination is to “break out”.Students want to enter better cities and universities and change their fate by changing their environment.However, not all students can need to “change” their fate, after all, the gap between rich and poor, whether in economic or ideological, has always existed.The environment of these students is very good, so they don’t have to change, other students leave no stone unturned day and night to find the paradise, they were born there.Students ten years of cold window, not worthy of the efforts of several generations?Whether students believe it or not, the gap between students has always existed.A while ago, there was a saying on the Internet that caused a huge controversy: “The efforts of others for several generations, why should you lose to ten years of cold window?”It sounds harsh and makes many students call it unfair.But sadly for the students, this is the harsh reality.Indeed, it is almost a daydream to catch up with the famous “President Wang” if there is no special opportunity, even if it is 985 years of cold window.But think carefully, although a lot of such students are out of the wind is dandyish, but after all, it is also somebody else’s parents and grandparents laid down the “jiangshan”, a family for several generations, is to let today’s younger students enjoy.Strictly speaking, this is indeed the reward through their own efforts, and the length of time is indeed longer than the students’ ten years of cold window, so it seems correct to say that “students’ ten years of cold window is not worthy of their efforts of several generations”.But many Internet users are not convinced by such an explanation, saying it is “contemptuous” of ordinary students, saying students can earn several lifetimes a year if they are lucky.And in the student’s words, there was an air of grievance and self-degradation.Such an idea is very improper, for other people’s property or knowledge field can give assistance can envy, but can not therefore lose the heart, the difference as a student when the reason for salt fish.Students ten years of cold window, really lost to the efforts of several generations?Many students take the uneven as an excuse to set off a “useless study theory” upsurge, but in fact, even if there is uneven, cold window ten years will not necessarily catch up.After all, there is a saying that “the rich cannot be divided into three generations”. This sentence is not a fixed law, but a warning that if those students who enjoy the achievements of their predecessors do not know how to work hard, then the mountain will be empty sooner or later.After all, The Times are changing now, and the scene of the country is the same every year. If you don’t learn, then students will gradually lag behind, and will be “crushed” by students who have been trying to make progress. So even if several generations of people work hard, students themselves don’t work hard.In addition, after all, students are not all “rich second generation”, more students are just ordinary people, but still can reach their ideals through their own efforts and ability, realize their ideals, such students are also very impressive.After all, comparing with other students actually has no effect, because there are no two identical leaves in the world, and each student starts from a different starting point.Instead of comparing themselves unequally with other students, students should compare themselves to see what efforts they have made in the past ten years, what gains they have made, whether they have created value, whether they have become better students, whether they are studying hard, or whether they are making salt fish.As for this controversial statement, how should students understand that envy is useful because it brings students motivation to work hard, while envy is useless because it will bring negative emotions to students and hinder their development?When students measure whether something is worth doing, they can easily judge it if they start from themselves.There is a net friend said a word: you refuse to obey, but no one on the road of life to help you pay.Very cruel, but it is true, no matter how jealous students are sad, if you do not make efforts, will never change, stop where you are.If the theory that learning is useless and all achievements are attributed to wealth and fate, then students will do nothing, and that means they will stay in their old age, and then blame the younger generation for not trying to give them a good life.How absurd and helpless is this life?Instead of believing in destiny, students should believe in man.Learning must be useful, otherwise why are those successful people, such as our “diplomatic tiantuan”, all of them graduates from prestigious universities?Therefore, sometimes it is not that the cold window of ten years is inferior to the efforts of several generations of students’ families, it is just that most students simply do not work hard enough.Have a dream, but can not pay the same price, can not recognize themselves, nature can not want the result.For ordinary students, the only way to change their fate is to study, acquire more knowledge, enrich their skills, take the college entrance examination, and live a better life to the greatest extent.What do you think of this sentence?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Xiaoyue education diary (pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)