Find out how to do tuberculosis?In addition to isolation, these four nursing measures need to be taken

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Learned, tuberculosis is invasion of disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis, under the threat of disease patients will have many adverse symptoms, including chest tightness, cough, sputum secretion is a common performance, more need for disease treatment, of course, the relevant nursing measures can be to do well, so as to enhance resistance to more quickly improve pulmonary tuberculosis.So, what should notice after tuberculosis appears?1, actively cooperate with the treatment because tuberculosis is contagious disease, in addition to the isolation of other nursing measures should also be done, the most important point is to carry out treatment as soon as possible, actively cooperate with the treatment, in the premise of appropriate treatment methods in order to improve health problems faster.Some have been diagnosed with the disease.In addition, there are a variety of adverse symptoms, but in the treatment of this aspect has not caused attention, not active enough, also have no patience, may be uncontrolled, there is the possibility of gradual aggravation, finally let complications also attack.Therefore, in the maintenance of the lung in the process of disease needs to be treated in the first time.2, correct diet regulation found that there is tuberculosis invasion, lung function decline, in the process of nursing should also eat right, because the long-term treatment of most patients will be worse, at this time should pay attention to the supplement of nutrients, diet to maintain the rule, the human body needs to obtain nutrition in time.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which are relatively light and can provide rich vitamins.In addition, those irritating, greasy food should be kept away from, do not eat high fat food, spicy food at this time, in order to properly provide nutrition, while allowing the disease to improve faster.3, good attitude to maintain because tuberculosis is a more serious disease, can not be completely improved in a short time, so should also let patients have a good attitude to maintain, which is the key point of care.Some people suffer from repeated bad symptoms because of the disease, and treatment for a long time still can not completely improve.Many people lose confidence, feel that the disease is difficult to cure, can only gradually drag down the body, because of the fear of the disease and the physical symptoms of the torture frustrated.And bad attitude is not conducive to the improvement of the disease, if you can believe in yourself, establish the confidence to overcome the disease, also can make tuberculosis faster to improve.4, keep regular work and rest in the process of nursing tuberculosis is the focus of enough rest time, some people overworked for a long time, has been in the development of the disease still do not pay attention to maintenance, rest time is not enough, over time, the lung will continue to reduce the function of the body is not as good as before.If you can combine work and rest at this time, and cooperate with the treatment at the same time, go to bed early and get up early every day, to ensure about seven hours of sleep time, lung function can be improved.# MEDUSA Media Group ## Project Cool Breeze #