“The world to see the Winter Olympics” will be ling extremely!Winter Olympics athletes aim high and march on

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Athletes from around the world compete in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.Some players are not arrogant and impetuous and turn defeat into victory, some players challenge themselves in spite of defeat, some players overcome difficulties indomitable.They all lived up to the new Olympic motto: Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United.Alessandro Hemler of Austria wins the men’s snowboard slalom final at Genting Ski Park in Chongli, South China’s Guangdong Province, Feb 10, 2018.NBC Sports reported on Sunday that Hameler was the favorite for the gold medal, but the race was not smooth sailing.In the qualifying round, Hemmerer lost to American Mick Didoff.In the final, Canada’s Elliot Glendin led the race in the first half of the race, but Hameler overtook Glendin in the second corner.On the final jump, Glendine caught up and finally shared the line with Hameler.A slow-motion review confirmed that Glendine’s weight was too high when he crossed the line at the last minute, with Hameler leading by a quarter of a board.Hameler edged out Glendine to give Austria its first gold medal in the event.Chloe Kim of the United States won the women’s halfpipe snowboarding final at Genting Ski Park on Sunday morning. Kim scored 94.00 on her first ski to defend her title.The Associated Press reported Friday that the 21-year-old American had doubted, stumbled, feared and gained.At one point, her poor training before the race made her doubt if she would make it.It is reported that the final in accordance with the qualification in reverse order, three times to slide to the best result ranking.In the first round, Chloe King came in first;In the third round, she attempted a twist of 1260 (three and a half laps), but failed completely.”It’s not fair to be expected to be perfect. I can’t be perfect in every way.””There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of expectations, and it’s not normal at all.Normally, under these circumstances, you would struggle, as I did this morning.You have to keep reminding yourself that it’s okay to feel that way, and that it’s enough to do the best that you can.”29-year-old Maltese contestant Janice Spitelli quickly became an Internet sensation for eating bean buns while waiting for her competition score.Despite her defeat in the women’s snowboard halfpipe qualifying, her story is admirable.The New York Times reported Thursday that Spitelli, the only Maltese athlete in the Winter Olympics, has had a rough ride.Starting in high school, Spitelli decided to become a professional skier.Her training is mostly self-funded, with some funded by the Olympic Solidarity Fund.Because snowboarding requires a lot of money, Spitelli scrimped, reusing equipment from season to season and doing odd jobs to make money.For years, she even lived in her car while training to save money on rent.”I knew I didn’t have the advantages and opportunities that other people had, but I never thought about giving up.””That was never an option,” Mr. Spitelli said. “I knew I needed to work harder to make up the difference.”This is the true portrayal of the athletes of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Source China Daily editor Zhang Liangsheng editor Wang Luyao Wei Yiqian