Is there a “cure” for COVID-19?Biden’s sudden confidence burst, and one sentence was memorable

2022-08-05 0 By

Over the years, the United States has always been singled out for its surprising performance. For example, after the 2020 pandemic, the United States, as a representative power with the highest scientific and medical level in the world, performed worse than average in epidemic prevention.It was widely believed that the United States would not be at the bottom of the COVID-19 pandemic in any case, but the fact is disappointing and surprising. The United States has not fully utilized its medical, economic, and scientific resources, and its epidemic prevention level is even worse than That of India.During the outbreak, both successive US administrations also demonstrated their inability to respond to the epidemic.According to U.S. news reports, Dr. Fauci, an infectious disease expert in the United States, reiterated his attitude toward the epidemic in his country.In Fauci’s view, although Biden came to office promising to end the pandemic in this country and restore economic growth in the United States, he believes that the United States cannot achieve this goal in its current state because it cannot wipe out the Novel Coronavirus.Fauci’s remarks suggest his inability to respond to the epidemic in the United States.Fauci says there may be many countries in the world that can eradicate the virus, but the United States will never be able to do so.This is not because he has always been pessimistic about the development of the epidemic in the United States, but when countries around the world have brought the epidemic under control, there are still a large number of infections and deaths in the United States, which even raises questions about the use of vaccination in the United States.It is also hard to understand why there are so many cases of infection and death after vaccination.When such a dire situation was in sight, U.S. President Joe Biden said something hard to understand.Biden said it was possible that the pandemic would last forever around the world, but not in the United States.In some people’s eyes, biden’s confidence in quarantine came from nowhere and should not have come at all given the current situation in the United States.And it is widely believed that the only explanation for President Joe Biden’s confidence in the United States at a time when fauci, an infectious disease expert, is that the United States probably has a “novel Coronavirus antidote”.In fact, in addition to Biden, as the former PRESIDENT of the United States, Trump has also shown great confidence in the EPIDEMIC prevention situation in the United States, which has aroused more doubts about the statement:Perhaps the United States already has a “magic drug” for novel coronavirus, but it has not yet produced it, in order to enable the epidemic to actively screen out those people who are “useless to the United States” and achieve a so-called “natural population reduction”.Partial reference: guangming network, Xiaoxiang Morning post