You don’t have to use walls to divide space, but you can try these

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01 material outline partition is the space separation, can make the decoration style more variable, such as partition, partition, exhibition board, screen, mobile partition, mobile screen, mobile sound wall, originated in Japan, after the reform and opening up into China, the 1990s widely used.Partition can break inherent pattern already, differentiate the space of different property, can make bedroom environment abounds change, the mutual communication between the realization space again, offer the space with bigger art and grade photograph confluence for the bedroom.1) Mobile partition can divide large space into a number of small Spaces at any time, or integrate small space into a large space, and has the general wall function of the mobile wall.Specific features: a. Trackless suspension: the track is installed on the ceiling;B, stable and reliable, not easy to swing;C, sound insulation, environmental protection, heat insulation, energy saving, efficient fire prevention;D, beautiful and generous, flexible, convenient storage;E, widely used 2) high partition belongs to a kind of indoor non-load bearing wall, is the most commonly used facilities to divide indoor space, partition wall requirements have fire resistance, seismic series requirements, impact resistance requirements, long-term use requirements, removable requirements and environmental protection requirements.3) in the partition using invisible decorative semi-partition form, not only play the function of dividing the area, but also play the effect of decoration.3) partition door partition door can play the role of sound insulation, heat preservation, which has the characteristics of convenient installation.4) Other categories of soft partition, strip partition, push-pull partition, keel partition, masonry partition and so on.03. Material specifications 1) glass partition safety glass partition size is 2440*3600 2134*3050 2440*3300 1830*2400;(if it is a large area of glass partition, partition size is 10mm or 12mm, height is about 1.1m) 2) Chinese partition: screen Chinese screen partition size is not unified, single screen, four, six, ten, twelve, the general total height between 2.5-3m, width is not necessarily, to see the partition shape and actual use needs.3) Partition indoor partition size is generally 200mm, the height can be 3000mm (specific height to determine on site) thickness is generally 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, size adjustable error is plus or minus 12mm.1) Office 2) Cabinet partition 3) home decoration partition end-Disclaimer: some of the above pictures and information from the network, copyright belongs to the original author and his company;This article is only for study and research purposes, shall not be used for commercial purposes, if this article infringes your rights and interests, please contact us to delete;Part of the article push due to a variety of reasons can not contact the original author, if related to copyright problems, please contact us, immediate treatment.