The 37 rear-end accidents on the Huanlan Expressway since the Spring Festival have all been caused by distracted drivers

2022-08-04 0 By

At present, the Spring Festival travel rush has entered the later stage, with more workers driving and returning to the city, busy freight transportation, multiple travel demands, increasing road safety risks and hidden dangers, and the road traffic safety situation is still grim.Since the Spring Festival, 37 rear-end collisions and three injuries have been caused by distracted drivers on the Huanlan Expressway.Have you ever been driving like this?While driving, wechat prompt sound, can not help but want to take a look, such as a red light to brush a circle of friends…People always think, “Just for a few seconds, nothing will happen.”A few seconds of trance and distraction can cause an accident!Traffic police prompt: distracted driving is too dangerous, once encountered an emergency will instantly become “road killer”, life only once, please do not take life when driving, must be careful driving!Information source: Gansu Public Security traffic police