Full of heart!Spring Festival visit relatives and friends, liaocheng these characteristics with hand ceremony please take!

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During the Spring Festival, we visit relatives and friends will bring some local specialties to relatives and friends taste, Liaocheng is no exception.In Liaocheng, the local specialties and food in particular, if you have a friend in Liaocheng, or want to come to Liaocheng, be sure to remember to bring back these local characteristics of Liaocheng products!1 wei’s smoked chicken came to Liaocheng, Lao She as “Liaocheng iron rooster” Wei’s smoked chicken how can miss it!Wei Jia Grilled chicken shop developed this kind of smoked chicken can be preserved for a long time, each process is strict, meticulous, so tedious process to produce such delicious!Wei’s smoked chicken selected auxiliary materials, fine production, smoked braised chicken, less moisture, cracked skin, exposed meat, inelasticity, strong medicine, beautiful shape tender bone crisp, color fresh taste.As a special product of Liaocheng, Wei’s smoked chicken entrance lingering fragrance is unique, can be described as a good gift.2. Done-e-jiao, a precious tonic from Dong-E-E-Jiao, has been inherited for nearly 3,000 years and is known as the “three nourishing treasures” along with ginseng and deer antler.Passing through Dong-E Jiao during the Spring Festival, this box of dong-e Jiao must not be less!Eat a piece of ejiao cake, convenient to eat, full of efficacy, with blood nourishing qi, beauty raising, moistening bowel laxative, improve immunity of health care efficacy, it is more appropriate to give people!No wonder the concubines in the Legend of Zhen Huan use ejiao to maintain their beautiful looks.Gaotang Donkey meat liaocheng not only has ejiao, donkey meat is quite famous!As the saying goes: “dragon meat in the sky, underground donkey meat”, Donkey meat in Gaotang as a geographical indication products, color into maozi, bright knife edge, delicious fragrance, meat rotten not loose, soft and not loose, unique fragrance, can be called a good gift.Donkey meat has a higher nutritional value than beef or pork, so it’s a great way to slice up a plate of donkey meat to entertain friends and family during the Spring Festival!A glass of Jingyanggang wine would be perfect after eating smoked chicken donkey.There is wine and meat, is full of Shandong characteristics of the heroic!Jingyang Gang wine has been passed down for thousands of years, and a heroic story of fighting a tiger has created a unique heroic wine culture in China’s liquor industry.The wine is full of bold and fearless, full of human touch.Put a friendship in the wine, the relationship between people is also slowly warming up in the push cup change……Dongchang calabash when it comes to liaocheng specialty scenery, Dongchang calabash is the first choice.Calabash in Dongchang House has smooth surface, smooth lubrication, elegant color and thick flesh, which is very suitable for carving, which also provides rich artistic soil for carving calabash.Dongchang calabashes have a long history. Craftsmen have carved the details of life and the mystery of stories into one pattern after another, and endowed the small calabashes with inexhaustible social themes, making the calabashes have stories, personalities and human feelings.Dongchang Writing brush dongchang writing brush is a specialty of Liaocheng. The production techniques are mainly distributed along the canals, which has lasted for more than 600 years.As the third batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage in Shandong province, this pen also carries a culture.Dongchang brush selects high-quality weasel tail as raw material, the production process is very rigorous, according to the specifications of the largest claw pen with six inches of bristle, goat beard refined from, can write three feet of characters, also can write small soya-bean characters fly.So unique liaocheng specialty who will not move?In Liaocheng, there are a variety of ganoderma products, fresh and delicious xinxian vegetables, changeful dough sculptures and so on…Behind each gift hides the old story of Liaocheng, a cup of Jingyanggang wine, inheriting the heroic feeling of Yanggu;A piece of donkey-hide gelatin inherits the thousand-year-old craft of Dong-a People.When looking at these specialties, we will think of our love liaocheng, is so many people can not forget the taste of home.Source: Wechat official account of Wenlv Chat