Epidemic prevention and safety both grasp The Roxiong police station to strengthen the hotel industry safety inspection

2022-08-04 0 By

At present, Luoping County million acres of rape open, ushered in a number of tourists!Luoxiong Police Station of Luoping County Public Security Bureau strengthened epidemic prevention and control and safety management based on the actual situation of its jurisdiction, organized police forces to carry out safety inspection of hotels, built a solid security line, and created a good tourism environment for tourists.During the inspection, according to the current epidemic prevention and control work, the police required the hotel staff to check the temperature of the guests one by one, check the health code and travel code, and verify the vaccination situation, and do a good job of registration, according to the requirements, actively do eradication work to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.Strictly check the real-name registration of hotels, urge hotels to earnestly implement the real-name registration of “one person, one certificate”, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of multiple people with one certificate, using other people’s ID cards to check in, and checking in without a certificate.To find suspicious accommodation personnel to repeatedly verify personnel information and timely report to the public security organs.At the same time, the policeman key inspection on fire control safety of the hotel, to check the hotel fire safety management and emergency disposal system, project implementation, the evacuation passageway and safety exit, emergency lighting and evacuation indicating symbol set, the fire extinguisher equipped with good situation, control fire safety standard has carried on the detailed inspection, found hidden dangers timely rectification.Up to now, a total of 23 hotels have been inspected, and 6 hidden safety risks have been found and rectified. All of them are insufficient air pressure of fire equipment, which has been completely replaced.Through the inspection, all kinds of security risks have been eliminated in time, laying a good foundation for the safety of tourists’ accommodation.