Driver Power State failure Cause of blue screen

2022-08-04 0 By

It is usually caused by a power supply problem or incorrect configuration of ACPI advanced power options.1. Win10 system will have a blue screen when switching to the desktop and back to the game when running a full-screen game, and there will be an error code driver power state failure.2. Driver power state failure translate is the power driver failure, is the power output power can not keep up, win10 system open power Settings, turn off some 360 and other node mode, you can choose the system built-in power mode or custom set high performance mode, will increase power consumption,But in the case of power supply can be ignored.3. Try to enter the system using last Security Configuration when the computer is turned on.If you cannot access the disk and the blue screen remains the same, log in to the system through “PE “and perform” Disk cleanup “, “Defragment”, and “Check volume” after the disk drive is restarted. If the blue screen is still displayed, it indicates that the data cable or power cable of the disk is in poor contact with each other. It is recommended to reinsert the data cable and power cable.