Check out BMW’s latest wheels!Which one is your favorite?

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Wheel hub is one of the most prominent appearance level of a car, BMW is now more and more attention to personalized customization, the wheels provided is also a variety of, this time we take a look at BMW models are equipped with what super handsome “running shoes”?This is a 22-inch wheel hub from BMW’s electric flagship, which is aerodynamic and has a peel-like feel.And I don’t know if you noticed, it is very similar to the wheel hub on BMW iX5, in fact, part of the painted blue element.890M intermediate version OF BMW iX3 is equipped with 890M type 20 inch wheel hub, which is only equipped with the top matching collar type in China. It also has aerodynamic characteristics, which can reduce fuel consumption and increase mileage.BMW pure electric I4 is equipped with 19-inch 861M aluminum alloy wheels, and the double five-piece shape is also very sporty.The 20-inch twin-spoke 868M dual-color wheels appear in the M Performance Parts kit of the BMW I4, which looks more Performance than the 861M.764M & 765M & 892M from top to bottom are 764M, 765M, 892M, these three wheels are mid modification X3M/X4M, the ordinary version only 764M, the thunder version standard with 765M (can choose 892M for 3 thousand yuan), have you found 892M and M3/M4 on the same?726I mid-stage modified X3 provides a total of 5 wheels in China, ranging from 19 inch to 21 inch, 21 inch oh, put on X3 you think…However, the 21-inch 726I hub is only available as an option on top-of-the-line models and costs 15, 000 yuan.Remember the gold wheels on the M5 CS?In fact, the 789 wheels on BMW M5 Thunder version become gold, more rich fighting air, haha ~792M appears in BMW new generation 2 series Coupe official figure of the wheel, is everyone before the G20/G21 M340i see 792M, this wheel hub is more sports than BMW other double five wheel.Xiaobian knows that there are 3 series owners in China who also modified this wheel hub, and the visual effect is great.797M797M wheel hub is the first equipped with a new generation OF G22 4 series. This dual five-frame dual-color wheel hub is matched with 19 inch tires, which looks very compatible with the 4 series and can also highlight the sense of sport.It might not have been as harmonious if it had appeared on a 3-series or higher-performing M4.848MM6 GC848M wheel hub we are also familiar with the new 4 series, this wheel hub is also added in the 2021 BMW 3 series 325I /Li models, the same five-spoke modeling design, small make up the feeling is not as good as 797M so sports, this wheel is and before equipped with M6 about the same.845M19 inch Y type 845M wheel hub appeared for the first time in the middle of the BMW 5 series, the new 5 series of domestic standard axis and two colors, black optional, I personally prefer the design of two colors, DO not know which one you prefer?Model 825M825M wheels first appeared on BMW G80 M3, this multi-wheel hub looks more sporty and performance fan, front wheel size is 9.5J×19, rear wheel size is 10.5J×20, tire size is the front 275/35 R19, rear 285/30 R20.G82 M4 826M and the new M3 released together, equipped with the wheel is 826M, in fact, this wheel and we are familiar with the 666M is similar, the internal structure is more complex.The front wheels are 9.5J×19, the rear wheels are 10.5J×20, and the tire sizes are front 275/35 R19 and rear 285/30 R20.Compared with 825M, which one do you prefer?The 795M795M wheels appear in the M Performance Parts kit of G20 M340i and the new 2 Series. The bright black multi-spoke wheels are visually very Performance and versatile.The wheel hub of 1000M is a part of M Performance Parts kit of the new M3/M4. It is available in pure black and bright gold. Which one do you like best in gold?In addition, there are some other hubs, keep reading!829M: 749M: 555M: 711M: 732M: 669M: 963M: Which of these wheels do you like best?Let’s talk in the comments section!BMW SKY will use innovative technology to delight your driving experience;With innovative technology, care for your car experience;Use innovative technologies to achieve “zero-distance” connectivity between people and vehicles;With innovative technology, constantly realize all new possibilities.Responsible for your car, so that you enjoy the ecological sustainable development of the car policy!The BMW Group is committed to sustainable development and circular economy, with strong innovation strength and sustainable profitability as the foundation for successful transformation.To this end, the BMW Group is committed to finding the best technological solutions to drive digital connectivity and sustainable mobility.BMW Group’s innovative technologies in the digital field involve BMW iDrive system, BMW OPERATING system 8.0, voice control, gesture control, remote software upgrade, OTA, Baidu CarLife, Apple CarPlay, My BMW APP, etc. Over the years, BMW Group has been committed to using advanced Internet technology,To provide customers with vehicles equipped with the latest technology and software.The BMW Group is continuously digitizing and actively promoting and implementing the comprehensive enterprise strategy of sustainable and zero emission.The BMW Group implements ecological and social sustainable development strategy throughout the value chain. Comprehensive product responsibility and clear commitment to energy conservation have become an important part of the BMW Group’s corporate strategy.Zhangjiagang Baojing carries out the BMW Group’s concept of “people-oriented” and “customer-centered”, and advocates personalized experience and excellent customer service.Active layout for customers’ unique and outstanding travel experience.