Daqintala police Station of The Public Security Bureau of Naiman Banner provides door-to-door service, which solves the “difficulty” of employees working at work.

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For the convenience of the companies, and zero distance service warm hearts, nai, public security staff for the enterprise the door for residence permit in recent years, the big ooze terah naiman banner public security bureau police station in-depth implementation of the superior deployment requirements regarding optimization business environment work, deepening for the convenience of enterprise services, since the household service opened to booking deputy, make an appointment to the door, open the green channel and so on,Solve the “difficult” problem of doing business for enterprises, office workers, students and other groups in the area.Recently, The Public Security Bureau of Naiman Banner Daqin Tala police station continues to focus on enterprises and workers pain points, difficult problems, Daqin Tala police station comprehensive command room window service post of household affairs police again into the enterprise, the door focus is located in the industrial park of Naiman Banner enterprise employees for household affairs related business.In handling business processes, civilian police to carry out the household business advocacy, to deal with the business staff of the floating population is expounded the importance of residence registration and apply for a residence permit, explain and publicize the conduction policy and conditions of the residence permit, in a timely manner to solve the employee’s household business to deal with related issues, such as the enterprise staff’s consistent high praise.The employees who got the residence permit said to the police: “Thank you so much, thanks to your door-to-door service, we saved a lot of time, save a lot of trouble, not delay the work, and do it!”.”Because our company is far from the town, there are a lot of employees from other parts of the factory, so half of the time for going out to do business is wasted on the road, and the production will be delayed even if the employees ask for leave.Now with your door-to-door service, our employees can do business in a short time without delay, not only convenient management, but also to provide employees with convenient, solve the problem, give you a thumbs up!”Inner Mongolia Heyi Nickel chromium composite material Co., LTD.Naiman banner public Security Bureau qintaira police station to carry out door-to-door services, to solve the enterprise staff to work “difficult”, far away from the problem, close the relationship between the police and the people, set up a good image of service for the people, improve the area of the masses and enterprises satisfaction, solid learning results reflected in the practical results for the people.(Wei Tianhui Naiman Banner Public Security Bureau)