0-1 a shock!Another top team was defeated in the preliminary round of the World Cup, with a 70% possession rate

2022-08-03 0 By

The South American Qualifying tournament is one of the toughest, with 10 top teams competing for four straight qualifying spots, and there are always a few strong teams that will be knocked out by surprise.In this World Cup, FIFA rankings of 16 Colombia reported the biggest underdogs, their possession at home as much as 70% of cases, have been Peru Saturday, after the game, Colombia directly dropped to sixth, promotion area, three points behind, living heats only under the condition of three rounds, less liable to Colombia team advanced to the World Cup.Colombia are World Cup regulars who have no doubt about their quality, with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Radado and Rado falcao in their squad, but their performance in this qualifying campaign could only be described as dismal.Against Peru, if they can get the points, they will take the initiative in the process of qualifying, but unfortunately, in this match Colombia dominated the situation, suffered a surprise + goal!In the first half of the game, Peru’s all-man defensive strategy was effective, Colombia’s attack of J ronaldo and falcao, missed the goal.After the game entered the second half, the Colombian players, the state of mind began to be a little impatient.After so many fruitless attempts they opened up huge holes in their defence.The turning point of the game came in the 85th minute when Flores took a pass from Quiva and scored the winner for Peru on a quick counter-attack.This goal is worth millions of dollars to Peru.They also went straight into the promotion zone with this victory!Statistically, Colombia lost a bit unjustly, with almost six times as many shots on goal as their opponents, but in the end they dropped three points.After this game, it is getting harder and harder for Colombia to qualify for the World Cup, and they have Argentina to play in the last three games.