Shijiazhuang centralized destruction of a batch of fake commodities

2022-08-02 0 By

The annual international consumer rights day “3 · 15” the arrival of regulatory authorities for the full display market determined to protect the safety of people’s consumption, crack down on all kinds of violation behavior, on the morning of March 14, shijiazhuang market supervision and administration in hebei xiang yu environmental protection technology co., LTD. To develop the activity of concentrated destruction of counterfeit goods,A total of 64.53 tons of fake commodities were involved in 35 kinds of eight categories, including food, medicine, medical equipment, tobacco and alcohol, daily chemical products and clothing.In 2021, the city’s market regulator increased regulation, successively arrangement to carry out the “fairness, promote competition, protect the people’s livelihood, strong development” comprehensive law enforcement action, the people’s livelihood field case investigation “iron fist”, special food management order, the rural counterfeit and substandard food special law enforcement and other 12 special law enforcement actions,We will continue to strengthen law enforcement and inspection of key industries such as food, drugs, epidemic prevention products, daily chemical products and electric bicycles.Last year, a total of 7,637 cases of various types were investigated and dealt with, with 85.368 million yuan in fines or fines, creating a market environment of fair competition and a safe and assured consumer environment.This year, the city market supervision bureau will continue to focus on key areas, key markets and key products and key link to carry out special law enforcement crackdown, handover, complaints to report from clues MoPai, department, social public opinion and other channels, and to strengthen the analysis, joint law enforcement, and strengthen the “reduced” cohesion, to investigate and punish in accordance with the law to disturb the market economic order,Violations of laws and regulations that harm the interests of the people, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and promote the healthy development of the city’s economy.Reporter │ Jiao Lili source: Shijiazhuang Daily