Whether rich or not, remember to give the old people at home to do qingrun soup to drink, qingsweet throat

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After the New Year, whether rich or not, remember to make qingrun soup for the elderly at home to drink, qingsweet throat hello everyone!I’m Jiang Jiang.During the Spring Festival, it is cold and dry. I believe that many elderly people like my parents are weak and prone to throat discomfort and cough from time to time. Therefore, whether you have money or not, remember to make this lung-nourishing soup for the elderly before going out to moisten their lungs and throats.Let’s take a look.First prepare three grams of sea coconut flakes, three grams of almonds, three grams of jade bamboo, five grams of dangshen, two dried figs, three grams of lactobacillus, put it into a bowl, add water to catch it clean.Sea coconut flakes are a kind of natural soup, containing certain nutrients, especially potassium, which is beneficial to the elderly.Almond contains oil, protein and so on, can moisten lung wide intestine.After cleaning, pour into a colander to drain water, and jade bamboo, dangshen, are usually common soup, I believe you are not unfamiliar with its benefits.Finally, let’s have a look at this tiger milk fungus. Tiger milk fungus is also known as tiger milk mushroom. It is a kind of edible fungus with high nutritional value and medicinal value.Next we prepare 50 grams of lean meat, it will be cut into small pieces, lean meat contains high quality protein, cooker medicated meals when appropriate to add lean meat can increase fragrance, and make the soup more nutritious.Once cut, place the lean meat in a saucepan and add the rinsed ingredients.And then we’re going to add a jujube, which adds sweetness, and then we’re going to add boiling water, and we’re going to cover it.Put the saucepan in the saucepan, cover the saucepan, and simmer in nutrient-soup mode for 60 minutes, during which we don’t have to stare and take the kids out for a while.If you don’t have a saucepan at home, you can steam it by water. If you steam it by water, you need to watch the gas fire for 60 minutes.After 60 minutes, the saucepan will automatically jump to the warm button, at which point we remove the lid, add a little salt to taste, stir well with a spoon and serve.In this way, a coconut slice of Codonopsis pilosula soup is ready, sweet taste, there is a smell of Codonopsis pilosula, especially moist.Many old people will lose their resistance during the seasonal exchange, resulting in unsuitable voice, so we can often cook it for him when we are still around him. The old people at home are in good health, so that we can feel at ease when we go abroad.When it comes out of the pot, we just have to pick up the little white ears with two fingers, so that the saucepan can be easily removed, very convenient, and not too hot.After taking it out, we can drink it directly or serve it to the elderly in a bowl. It will make our throat feel better and help us sleep soundly at night. As children, we will feel at ease.The friend that likes can collect to try.Whether rich or not, remember to give the old people at home to do qingrun soup to drink, qingsweet throat.What do you think?Leave a message in the comments section.Hello, everyone!I am food bloggers sauce sauce, a share of 90 treasure mom love food, like discovering all kinds of food in the kitchen, in the future I will share the practice of some food, cooking skills, as well as a variety of ingredients selected skill for everyone, hope that we support a lot, finally thank you for your reading, you are welcome to forward, collection, thumb up, pay close attention to.‬ ‬