The power of this sign is far underestimated

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Today is the fourth part of a new series that began this year — let’s talk about what other signs envy about their zodiac signs.When I do interviews, I often ask people, if they could choose what sign they would like to be, or what characteristics of what sign they would most like to have.Each sign may not be perfect, but it must be worthy to be other constellations of envy “super ability”, this series mainly I don’t speak those on the surface of the special advantage, or you will praise the virtues of human common at ordinary times, but said some really can play a positive role in the way of life, different from other constellations, the characteristics of the zodiac are born with,Other signs may take a lot of effort to learn.Some of them are not necessarily advantages, but they are just right in this constellation. I hope to help you find some amazing things that you may not know about yourself.Today we are going to talk about the constellation, in fact, in the crowd does not have a strong sense of existence, put the twelve constellations together, I think it must be a state of invisibility at first.In the old days, at parties with lots of new friends, the popular icebreaker game was to guess each other’s horoscopes.Especially I encountered such a situation is more, as if a test.There are some very famous “E” signs that you can probably guess from a distance. There are some signs that you have strong feelings about when you spend a little time with them.But this sign could really be pure mongolia-say the name on your mind-they’re Cancer.Even among close friends, Cancers don’t have a strong presence. I mean, they don’t display particularly strong astrological traits in their interactions with people.More often, Cancer’s approach is to observe and understand, to feel what the group and the environment need you to do and become.So the label that Cancer has, and the most common perception of cancer, is probably gentle, careful, easy to talk to, and easily hurt.Cancer is a badass sign, much more badass than most people think, and much more badass than Cancer thinks.Because Cancer is a sign that thinks a lot, they don’t take much credit for their success, but the truth is, they can’t do it without cancer.You can think of your Cancer friends around you, almost no one is bad, they are very good at managing real life, and the probability of success is high.Cancer’s strength is certainly not the same as its sentimental, harmless exterior.Different from the emotional regulation ability of ordinary people may have a lot of people surprised that I say cancer will adjust emotions, cancer is not the world’s most “make” people?Those who have been in love with a Cancer should feel this most clearly.Cancerians have a lot of emotions, and you may find it difficult to be with a Water sign in an intimate relationship because they are less likely to speak out or show their true feelings, but they are also very sensitive.I think Cancer is the hardest of them all.For example, Scorpio, you must be following your first feelings, you think he is angry, he must be angry, you think he cares, he must be very concerned.Or else you wait for him to speak, and when he speaks east, he means west.Pisces is a little more complicated, but you’d be right to assume the negative.Cancer is really very complicated. When you say they are pessimistic, it’s not just that they are pessimistic. They just think a lot and need to consider all aspects.It is not that they do not say, but that only the 20% of their thoughts can be clearly expressed, and the other 80% is randomly assigned, southeast, northwest, wherever they go, the best and worst will be thought of, tangled in a tangle.However, in such a complicated situation, Cancer’s actions can be described as very mature.Even if the Cancer is having sex with you, their mind will be clear and they will not be completely out of control. They will express their unhappiness, or even exaggerate it. You can even use their reaction as a test.In this process, they can keep more sensitive and analytical ability than usual, to observe each other’s words and actions and countermeasures, judge each other’s feelings for themselves, in the end in care, care to what extent.It’s not all good or all bad, or all at once. Cancer has a sophisticated scoring system of its own.This is absolutely only Cancer can do, other thinking more heavy constellation, I dare to say, once they vent their emotions, is out of control, for example, we usually recognized means malicious hot, the idea of severe Scorpio, simply can’t keep sober judgment in extreme emotions.It’s not easy to live with these multifaceted emotions and figure out how to do what you want to do.If you are in a relationship with a Cancer, the cancer will end up making most of the conflicts that the Cancer causes.This is also one of their strong regulatory power.As long as they get the peace of mind they want, you can show a firm attitude towards them, and then the problems behind them will be solved by Themselves, giving reasons to convince themselves, comfort themselves and excuse them, and then can continue to return to the original road.Cancer can be very easy to coax, even without coaxing, they will automatically solve a lot of problems when they get a confirmation.Cancer is an emotionally demanding sign that needs constant security from close relationships and almost never gets it all.But they take relationships with the most seriousness.They have a different dimension to their choices, rather than letting their emotions take the lead.This person’s past, their past experience, two people’s future development, reality, how much affection for this person, this person is not special enough for themselves, can say that each item will have a different proportion.This judgment mechanism protects Cancer.You can recall the cancer around, almost no one to do some surprising, unexpected things, they may be looking for stimulation in life is superficial, will not shake the foundation of the whole life.Cancer is a person who sees the situation and makes sure they stay on track in the general direction.Partly out of protection for the people around you, for how they might feel, and partly out of protection for yourself, the odds of a reckless move are almost zero.Cancer’s daily routine deals with complex emotions, suppresses huge emotions, rationalizes the reasons behind them, and then acts appropriately. What a complex program it takes to do that. It’s an emotional supercomputer.Because of their strong ability of empathy, Cancer will consider others’ feelings very much when they are not particularly self-aware, so they are easily affected by the environment they grow up in.For example, Cancers grow up with very strong personalities, and they will develop this trait over time.For example, if virgo is a neat freak or obsessive, Cancer will adapt to virgo’s pace of life and become neat freak or obsessive.They are dedicated to creating environments that are comfortable for the people they care about, so that’s what happens to them.You’ll also rarely see Cancers being a wet blanket, but they can be the best entertainers if needed.This is what I said at the beginning, Cancer is often invisible in crowds, more about observing and adapting to others.They spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the people like, what the relationships are like, what the conflicts of interest are in the group, so that they can best respond to each person.I don’t think this is a particularly laudable trait for cancer, but rather a neutral one.Because if excessive, will develop into a pleasing personality, their self-confidence will be doubly weakened, appeals will continue to be suppressed.But in a social relationship, they are positive, which is a natural interpersonal advantage. At least, I rarely hear anything negative about Cancers. I think they are always polite, warm-hearted, reliable, and naturally trustworthy.Cancer is very tolerant to things that are done out of good intentions. Even if things go wrong, Cancer is very receptive. Anyway, they will not be judged purely by good or bad, but rather care more about their intentions.Cancer reciprocates kindness with absolute kindness.Most of the time, the obedience of Cancer is fake, but this is not hypocrisy, or for any purpose to pretend obedience, they actually want to make people around happy, want to make others agree with their good, and the first step.I’ve previously discussed whether Cancer really is a “homebody,” which doesn’t just mean that they like to stay at home.They are more confined to a fixed place and unwilling to look out.Each Cancer does have a fortress of safety, but they use it as a center to circle outward.At least with the Cancers I meet, I never think they will stop their steps, always to expand their boundaries.Perhaps it is because they are tolerant and do not reject the influence of those around them that cancers experience a lot of growth and change.It is also because of their insecurities that they will want to develop themselves, learn more about themselves and explore their own possibilities.I dare say that every Cancer has a wild dream in their heart. Although they don’t do it, they never stop searching in their heart.On a practical level, Cancer will work very hard to get what they want, and at the same time constantly struggle with over-thinking.This is grounded, and on this basis, Cancer will make more attempts and expansions in the mind and soul, which is the unique strength of the mind of Cancer.Cancer’s healing ability is far superior to that of ordinary people, and it is the most suitable being for healing emotional hurt.Cancer has a label is gentle, gentle is a very powerful and easily ignored power, only to their own enough affirmation, enough strength, can continue to release gentle, I hope you do not underestimate this power.Cancer, of course, do not be dismissive of your own, whether in reality or spiritual level, you have a lot of capital.Writing | Alex (Yang ð « Ÿ „ yu) weibo | @ Alex is uncle WeChat | astro_alex this article copyright without permission, no