Sui Wenjing, member of the All-China Youth Federation and Member of the Chinese figure skating team: “The world is ours”

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This article is from:Chinese people running in the new journey of youth committee of author | “Chinese people” Wei editing | Wang Biqing figure skating pairs the free end of the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, after SuiWenJing tearful greet the audience on February 19, 2022, the Beijing Olympics, the national youth committee, Chinese figure skating team player SuiWenJing without regret.At the Pyeongchang Olympics four years ago, sui Wenjing and Han Cong, who were high hopes at the time, missed the gold medal by 0.43 points.After the race, sui wenjing walked dozens of meters from the waiting area to the interview area. She said with tears in her eyes: “This is our first Olympic Games.I also hope that this mood will be the motivation to carry us through the next four years, when in Beijing, I want the world to be ours.”After 1,465 days of waiting and the most difficult time in their lives, sui Wenjing and Han Cong may only understand the pain and suffering, but they eventually rose from the ashes and topped the world at the Beijing Winter Olympics.When Sui won, she cried again, this time with joy.”We wanted to show the highest technical ability and artistic performance in the Olympic Games, showing the results of four years of training and the joint efforts of the team, and we really did it,” she said.Full for their applause on February 16, 2010, the vancouver winter Olympics, as for the fourth time in winter Olympic Games Chinese figure skaters shen xue/zhao hongbo with perfect deduce, broke the Russian’s monopoly on figure skating pairs for 46 years, as China won the first gold medal in Olympic figure skating, create a new Chinese sports history.Twelve years later, as Shen xue and Zhao Hongbo stood on the bench, their disciples Sui Wenjing and Han Cong faced an even more difficult situation. The three Russian pairs were strong enough to win the gold medal.Before the Winter Olympics, Sui wenjing ranked only third in the world, with the average age of the two Russian pairs ahead of them only 21.For Sui Wenjing combination of Beijing Winter Olympics gold medal trip, many insiders are not optimistic.However, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong competed on the first day of the short program of the figure skating team event at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Four years ago in Pyeongchang, they did not compete in the team competition to conserve energy, and this time, as veterans, they opened the fire for The Chinese figure skating team.82.83 points!They reinvented the season as the best in the world and stunned their doubters with a stunning performance.”Year after year, we are becoming better versions of ourselves,” Said Sui.Whether as an athlete, or as a little soldier wearing the national flag, you want to fight for your country on the battlefield and give your best performance!”Indeed, they have become the best version of themselves.In the pairs skating short program, they looked stunning in black.The symphonic suite of the movie Mission: Impossible 2 was played, accompanied by flamenco style music. Sui wenjing’s smooth sliding and performance impressed the judges and the audience. Sui wenjing scored 84.41 points, the highest score on the spot, and set a world record for the pairs short program of the International Skating Union.The pairs free skating competition was very fierce. After the perfect performance of Peng Cheng and Jin Yang of China, three Pairs of Russian skaters appeared one by one, playing better than a pair, scoring better than a pair.Before Sui wenjing/Han Cong appeared, three Russian pairs were in the top three of the leaderboard.Here comes Sui Wenjing/Han Cong!This time, the song “Golden Bridge over Troubled River” was the track from which they won their first world title at the 2017 World Figure skating Championships in Helsinki, Finland.Five years later, everything is changing, the opponents are changing, and so are they.In 1969, American Paul Simon wrote “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” The idea is that when people are in trouble and frustrated, they are not alone, because their friends reach out and help them.Over the past half century, the song has been covered by many singers, including Teresa Teng, who is well known to Chinese audiences.The original cantonese song “Talking of a Thousand Miles of Heart” is from “Golden Bridge over Sad River”.For Sui wenjing, who has experienced many injuries and injuries, the song always touches her inner world.The melody is melodious and sentimental, and Mr. Lowry, a Canadian choreographer, based the program on the couple’s experiences over the years as they support each other and struggle to get back on ice.Every detail, every action, is their experience.Music, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong looked at each other affectionately, eyes full of deep concern, this is the mood of two people in the face of injuries.At the start, they boldly challenge the world’s most difficult twist around, sliding in at high speed, stepping tightly, taking off at an amazing height, and sliding out without stopping.After the end of the anterior inner spiral, the music is dull and slow, symbolizing the tension of Sui Wenjing’s operation, and also expressing the pain sui Wenjing experienced and the process of Han Cong completing the training alone in the recovery period.The melody lightened up after the first difficult pose, which was the turning point of the whole program and expressed the mood of the two when they returned to the ice.At the end of the program, along with the song’s line “I will bend over to be your bridge, to help you through the difficulties”, the two of them ended the reverse pull soto lift and hip lift, and the music came to an end.At the moment, Sui wenjing and Han Cong embrace each other, the audience broke out warm applause and cheers.Lens aimed at Sui Wenjing, she has been in tears, as if all the hardships and pay are waiting for the arrival of this moment.Sui wenjing cried all the way from the song to the equal section.When the result of free skating was announced, they scored 155.47 points for a total of 239.88, giving China its ninth gold medal of the Winter Olympics, Sui wenjing tearfully said, “Thank you all for your efforts and for hosting the Olympic Games.We have a chance to participate in these Olympics and everyone has given so much for us…They are all heroes behind the scenes.None of this has come easily.””I want to be a World Champion, too” In 1977, figure skating pairs skating program entered China, China figure skating “godfather” Yao Bin is the first generation of figure skating athletes.At that time, the National Sports Commission, in order to encourage all-round development of the sport, stipulated that the teams must have pairs skating events.Yao bin, then a men’s singles skater, had been out for two and a half years because of a torn ligament. After returning to the competition, she was unable to compete and had to compete in pairs with Luan Bo, who was nine years younger than her.After four months together, they became domestic champions and competed abroad, including at the 1980 World Championships in Germany.At that time, domestic figure skating just started, a lot of knowledge almost blank, complete lift is very difficult, the result was once the bottom.Without good results, the project will not develop in the country.Fortunately, in the 1980s, people gradually opened their eyes and ballroom dancing became popular. Many people began to like couples skating, which is similar to ballroom dancing. After retirement, Yao Bin and Luan Bo also became coaches.After many twists and turns and setbacks, Yao Bin and her disciples trained hard day after day and year after year. Finally, after 2000, Chinese pairs skating blossomed on the world stage.In 2002, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won the bronze medal at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, making China the first Olympic team to win a medal in this event.At that time, Sui wenjing was only 7 years old, but figure skating planted good seeds in her young mind.”I thought she was very beautiful,” she said in a later interview. “It was a beautiful sport and I wanted to learn it.”Opportunity appeared in five years later, tying two braids of Sui Wenjing, was recommended to luan Bo in front of luan Bo, luan Bo eyes a flash.That year, the nonslender Sui was paired with the taciturn Han Cong, who was three years older than her.Han Cong’s first impression of Sui Wenjing is “a pair of long eyebrows, two long braids”.”Is it really ok?Can you do it?”With that question in mind, they skated hand in hand until today.In the memory of Song Yan, the class director of the primary school, Sui wenjing looked weak but very firm.In fifth grade, Sui wenjing began professional training, attending classes at school in the morning and training on the ice rink in the afternoon.In those days, she never fell behind in cultural classes, the teacher left homework, can also be completed on time.Because of the training, she missed a lot of knowledge. She would go to the teacher with the book and ask for the knowledge points she did not understand.”I thought at that time, this girl who loves studying will go somewhere in the future.At that time, the most exciting thing for students during the break was to surround the ice rink and watch Sui Wenjing dancing on the ice.”Song Yan said.”When we first started pairs skating, our figure ratio was not considered good, but I think everyone has hidden unknown energy in their body. We should discover our potential, do our best and constantly surpass ourselves.”Sui wenjing said.Sui Wenjing stubborn, especially in the training ground, especially ruthless to their own.At the beginning of the practice, it was common to be hit hard on the ice when doing difficult pairs jump, lift and other movements.Many girls cry for a long time once they fall, and even want to give up, but every time Sui wenjing falls, she immediately gets up and slides to Han Cong in a few steps, saying, “Come again.”So Luan Bo said: “Sui Wenjing especially can endure hardship, when she was young, everyone said she was’ Liu Hulan ‘, very aggressive.”In their first international competition in 2009, they won the World Grand Prix Junior Final and the World Junior Championships.Although they were young at that time, they won the attention of the world with their excellent twisting, jumping ability and dynamic performance.The following year, Sui Wenjing combined to defend the world Youth Championship.Since then, they have set a record of winning the world Junior Championships as long as they compete in a season.By 2012, eight pairs skaters had scored more than 200 points under the new scoring system, making them the only junior pair in the 200-point club.With excellent results, they entered the national figure skating team smoothly.Yao Bin was the head coach and pairs skating coach of the National figure skating team at that time.At that time, Chinese figure skating was in its glory days. Shen Xue/Zhao Hongbo, Pang Qing/Tong Jian and Zhang Dan/Zhang Hao were the absolute mainstay of the team, occupying an important position on the world stage.With The retirement of Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo after their Olympic triumph, more and more eyes were on the young pair, who represented the future of Chinese pairs skating. At that time, Sui’s goal was to become a world champion.”Olympic Champion brings out Olympic Champion” Sui wenjing struggled with injuries after winning her first four continents title.As she is preparing for the Sochi Olympics, she will not miss a training session and will not give up. She will fight until the last moment.On May 13, 2013, Zhao Hongbo was appointed as the new head coach of pairs skating of the national figure skating team. He paid special attention to sui Wenjing and Han Cong.But the reality is harsh.In the 2013 World Championships in Canada, sui Wenjing played with an injury in an important event that also determined the qualification for the Winter Olympics.After the free skate “Chicago,” she dropped to her knees on the ice, tears rolling down her face, and she knew she had no chance to go to Sochi.At the time, she had ruptured ligaments in her feet and was able to complete the race with sheer muscle strength.In the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, China experienced a “Waterloo” in pairs skating.Ice fans comfort each other, “It doesn’t matter, four years later we still have Sui Wenjing/Han Cong.”Yes, Sui wenjing, who missed Sochi, returned from injury and devoted herself to even harder training.In 2014, they won the Four Continents Championships with the highest score of their career. In 2015, they won a silver medal at the World Figure Skating Championships.However, the injuries and injuries again and again temper sui Wenjing’s will, because of foot ligament injury, her joints become very unstable, often twisted feet.After the world championships, she had to undergo surgery to reconstruct the lateral collateral ligament in her right ankle and reset the tendon in her left ankle.She began to fear: “I could hear every nail hammering into my bones, I could smell the drill chipper away, I had extreme pain for 72 hours, and I couldn’t get out of bed for nearly three months.I don’t know if I can walk again.”Every day can only lie in bed, open eyes can only look at the ceiling, Sui Wenjing even felt like leaving the rink completely.Because she can’t imagine if those legs will carry her to Pyeongchang or even the Beijing Olympics.After the operation is a long and difficult recovery period, at the beginning, two legs completely unable to move, Sui Wenjing heart collapse.During that time, Han Cong often came to the hospital to see her, make her happy and accompany her to learn to walk again.Every step Sui wenjing takes feels like the first step in her life, until she puts on her skates again and finds the feeling of skating.At the 2016 Ice Festival, Han Cong’s solo dance drew tears from the audience.A person appeared, a person do twist, lift, a person to complete a set of “double skating” performance.In the end, Han Cong from the sideline of sui Wenjing in a wheelchair, two people hug each other tears…This is the “don’t give up, don’t give up” between partners.In the next year’s World Figure skating Championships, Sui wenjing returned to the competition and broke the 230-point mark to become the world champion.”We are all very happy to win the gold medal at the World Championships.But there are still mistakes, which means there is still room for improvement.We can still skate better and there are goals to be achieved.”At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Sui wenjing injured her foot before the competition, and with dogged perseverance, they finally won the silver medal, just 0.43 points behind the champion.At that moment, Sui Wenjing heart unwilling, but helpless, can only aim at the Beijing Winter Olympics four years later.Fate always plays tricks on people, after Pyeongchang, Sui Wenjing underwent foot surgery again, once again experienced the difficult recovery.Before the Beijing Olympics, Han cong underwent hip surgery.In those days, Sui Wenjing never slack off, always maintain high intensity training, she waited for Han Cong to return that day.”Sui was the bridge that supported me when I had the surgery,” Han said.Finally, at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the pair, who had been together for 15 years, stood on the top of the Olympic podium by 0.63 points. It was the best reward for their years of hard work.”Olympic champion brings out Olympic champion!” fans said as they embraced the champion couple, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo.”Every athlete wants to win a gold medal,” said Sui. “It’s hard to watch others compete.This time in the motherland skating satisfactory program, won the championship, especially enjoyed.I’ve only been on the court for a few minutes, but it’s been tough coming off injuries over the years.In our most difficult time, many people come to us and illuminate us like light. I also hope that I can become that light to illuminate more people.Life is long and I will continue to challenge myself.”