Shuiqingxia textbook style substitution, Chinese women’s football enough tenacious, let 2 chase 3 too wonderful

2022-08-01 0 By

As the Australian referee blew the final whistle, the end of the Chinese women’s team won the champion of Asian cup again after 16 years in, also let us came to nine the number of the Asian cup champion, is ahead of other teams, and rival south Korean women’s football is also the Asian cup finals for the first time in history, so even if didn’t win the championship, also be to make history,So the opponent deserves our respect.After conceding two goals in the first 26 minutes and two goals in stoppage time, coach Shui Qingxia made a magic substitution in the second half to win the game 3-2.In fact, the first half of the Chinese women’s football team is relatively superior data, the biggest problem is the second half of the ball possession time is too long, and the Korean women’s football team is good at seizing opportunities.With two goals of disadvantage, water guiding calm analysis of the situation, even in people, early in the second half of the game from the king frost was focus on head-to-head opponents, so poor performance, in 59 minutes was 21 years old teenager Zhang Linyan substituted, didn’t think it is the substitution for the Chinese team opened the scoring model, 65 minutes Tang Jiali kick hit,Chang Lin-yan, who came off the bench in the 71st minute to help her team pursue the score, conceded with less than three minutes remaining in stoppage time.In the past, such a scene may only be seen in the European Champions League, but this Asian Cup, from Vietnam to Japan, and then to South Korea, The Chinese women’s football girls continue to create miracles, indomitable fighting spirit is amazing.This hard-won win was attributed to the head coach as well as the two substitutes Zhang Linyan and Xiao Yuyi. This return to the top of Asia is just the best reward for their usual training. I hope that people can increase their attention to the women’s football team, after all, the team that can bring national honor is the good team.Chinese Women’s football YYDS.