She abandoned her husband and son and remarried for 4 times. She asked her daughter to support her when she was old, and her daughter said she had broken off the relationship

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Life is very long, can not always compromise, has been wronged themselves;Life is not long, you can not spend precious time with someone who does not love you, give you pain.Everyone has the right to pursue happiness. Even the law does not limit a person to get married only once in his life. After all, there are too many changes in life, and there are always some people who quit in the middle of marriage for various reasons.A woman in Yiyang, Hunan province, experienced four marriages and gave birth to two daughters, but finally she was old and helpless. What did she do wrong?Aunt Fu is also a “legend” in the village. In that era when “a woman’s divorce is a disgrace to her family”, she dared to stand up and fight against fate and pursue her own happiness, which was a big step forward in ideology.Her first husband’s parents, arranged, two people after marriage emotional insipid, hashing out a decade, gave birth to a daughter Fifi, everyone thought that they would be to smooth over a lifetime, pay a woman filed for divorce, there is no an affair, no feelings, just no waves, make her sick.She was able to divorce her husband on equal terms and with equal respect, which would have been a timely loss stop for her husband.But eight-year-old Feifei couldn’t understand why her parents had gone their separate ways just one sunny afternoon when they were perfectly fine.So she always felt that her mother abandoned them, especially after her mother remarried.There is nothing wrong with parents pursuing true love, but they also need to take care of their children after divorce.Moreover, the law clearly stipulates that after divorce, whether the children are directly raised by the father or the mother, they remain the children of both parents.After divorce, parents shall still have the right and duty to bring up, educate and protect their children.If the child is directly brought up by one party, the other party shall bear part or all of the child maintenance fees.Aunt Fu has a liberty-loving heart and dares to jump out of the box to pursue her own happiness, but lacks the sense of responsibility for her children. After meeting her second husband, she leaves her eldest daughter behind and puts her heart into running a new family.This also causes big daughter Fifi to her heart unripe bad feeling, produced close affection estrangement between mother and daughter.If she had met the love of her life, it would have been fine, but her second marriage lasted only five years, during which she gave birth to her little daughter, Xiao Xue.Their daughter was left to her husband after the divorce.She was so alone on the road in search of true love, did not soon meet the third husband, unfortunately, meet people not good, this section of marriage have not been able to spend three years of pain.It wasn’t until her fourth husband that she settled down and they stayed together for 10 years before, for unknown reasons, she left again.So go round and round for decades, she still alone life, did not find the ideal prince Charming.As she grew older, these romantic thoughts gradually faded. As she was not close to her two daughters, she worked outside as a nanny to earn her living.When she was over 60, she had no energy and could no longer work as a nanny. She shined shoes or picked up rubbish outside until she was old and frail. At 65, she thought of her eldest daughter Fifi.In fact, she pays more attention to her younger daughter than her older one. Although she is divorced, she still takes good care of her younger daughter, with whom she once lived.So why not let her younger daughter take care of her?Are you trying to embarrass the eldest daughter?This can only be blamed on Fu’s ability to torture, not only herself, but also her daughter.When she was living in the younger daughter’s house, she was very picky about her son-in-law, because he was married for the second time, and her daughter was married for the first time. She felt that her son-in-law was unworthy of her daughter and encouraged her daughter to divorce all the time.She hopes to pass on to her daughter the idea that marriage can’t be settled.This idea is not wrong, but can not only be judged by her standard, xiao Xue and her husband love very much, family happiness and stability, do not feel settled.Then family conflicts broke out.For mother’s importune, light snow couple is to endure endure again, then pay a woman simply enlarge recruit, cut off with light snow to threaten the mother-daughter relationship, and her husband divorce, light snow for his mother couldn’t carry also to temper, just sign the agreement from the mother-daughter relationship, so when reporters found her, she say: “sever ties with the mother”.However, the law of our country does not recognize this kind of “break off parent-child relationship” agreement at present, so it is invalid.Light snow as a daughter or to do their duty to support their mother.Aunt Fu, who had never been rejected in a relationship, was so angry that she said, “I will leave the house in my hometown to your sister, and you will not get a penny.”Xiao Xue and his wife run a used car shop.She wasn’t rich, but she had enough to eat and drink, and she didn’t care for her house. After that, her mother’s relationship sank to a freezing point, and she never spoke to her again.How would the older daughter treat the mother who failed to provide for her?Fifi and her husband opened a small shop on Yiyang Street, just enough to maintain the life of a family, she is of course not willing to accept the disappearance of years in her life mother.However, according to the provisions of article 21 of China’s original marriage Law, children have the obligation to support and assist their parents.If children fail to perform their duties, parents who are unable to work or have difficulty in living shall have the right to demand support payments from their children.According to the basic principle set by the law, even if your parents did not do their duty to support you when you were growing up, you still have the duty to support your parents when they are old.Unless there is something seriously wrong with the person, like abuse, domestic violence, etc.So finally Fifi couple or support pay aunt, return her to rent a house near the store, just pay aunt all one’s life opinionated, follow one’s will be used to, quarrel with the daughter every two days, do not get peace in the home, still say they are unfilial outside, even threatened to die with Fifi.As a result, they were often laughed at by the neighbors, and the business in the store was also affected, so they sent Aunt Fu forcibly to her old house, which had the scene of Aunt Fu helpless for help.Finally through mediation, the eldest daughter Fifi and the youngest daughter Xiaoxue both said that if Aunt Fu is willing to change her temper, when she is really old and unable to move, they are still willing to do their duty to support her retirement.The pursuit of happiness and love is a person’s right, but in the process of pursuit, we should not forget our responsibilities. Aunt Fu always lives in her own world. If she can reflect on herself and correct her mistakes, she will not betray her family.(Privacy concerns, the names of the people in this case are all pseudonyms, some pictures are from the Internet, only to match the narrative.Warm reminder: respect the original, please do not copy, handling and reprinting oh)