Pingxiang, Jiangxi province: “Vegetable basket” for egg farmers to protect the masses

2022-08-01 0 By

People’s Daily Online Nanchang February 6, “cluck cluck…Luo da…”During the Spring Festival, when I walked into Jinhuiyuan Laying hens breeding base in Qingshan Town, Anyuan District, Pingxiang City, the electric lights in the chicken coop were bright and warm. The 100-meter-long steel frame chicken coop was neatly arranged in the room.”The chicken coop is kept at a constant temperature all year round, which is the equivalent of an air-conditioned room, so that the eggs produced are of higher quality.”Shi Jinli, the head of the enterprise, looked at his egg-laying eyebrows.In the automated production workshop, all kinds of production equipment operate in an orderly manner. In the workshop, workers in uniform stand on both sides of the egg transmission belt in order, and skillfully put eggs in neat rows into egg cartons and packed into commodity boxes one by one.A truck filled with fresh eggs from qingshan town guanghui village out of the mountain, to the size of the mall, to protect the ping City during the Spring Festival egg supply.”I would love to meet my family and friends during the Spring Festival, but as farmers, it is our responsibility to ensure the supply of eggs during the Spring Festival.”Company employee Shi Yadong said, looking at the order in hand.Learned, Jin Huiyuan agriculture co., LTD., main automatic laying hens breeding, a total of 7 building modern henhouse, laying hens 400000, nissan eggs 300000, 30% of pingxiang egg market, in order to ensure the eggs during the Spring Festival market supply, the company organization staff full power, no downtime, no production, ensure the egg production during the Spring Festival, also let employees work more,Increase your income.”My company is close to my home, so I can work at my doorstep. I can get a high salary and a red envelope during the Spring Festival. I am very happy.In the workshop, busy workers are full of energy, with happy smiles on their faces.According to shi Jinli, the head of the company, while supplying eggs for the Spring Festival market, the company is also pushing forward the construction of new production lines. At present, it has installed automatic breeding equipment for chicken houses. After the construction is completed, dozens of new jobs can be created, and the annual output value can exceed 60 million yuan, injecting strong agricultural industry power for rural revitalization.(Qin Haifeng, Wang Chunyan, Huang Ye)