He Bingyan stabbed the bag, silver scattered on the ground, the pursuers have to pick up, He Long praised wit

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In the spring of 1929, at the age of 16, He Bingyan joined he Long’s team along with his father, and then he Long was specially transferred to the garrison company of the military headquarters. He became a real soldier from a paste bucket “paint paste”.In late July 1930, the Red Army fought Chiang’s army in qianjiang.The two sides fought from the early morning until noon, and smoke rose everywhere.Seeing the Chiang army was tired of state, he Long decided to pull up the red 2 army reserve red 4 division, let them from the side to the stubborn Chiang army a fatal blow.Red Army period he Long he Long looked around and found that several guards were sent out, only He Bingyan, so shouted: “Pass my command, quickly let the red 4 division on!”He Bingyan saluted and ran away.Red 4 division under the command of Wang Bingnan division into battle in time, so that Chiang kai-shek was attacked on both sides, and finally fled.Hao Zikou battle, also ended in victory for the Red Army.But after the battle, the guards even roll call, but how also can not find he Bingyan.Upon receiving the report, He Long thought for a moment and said to the company commander, “Please send more soldiers to follow the line of attack of the 4th Red Division.The boy’s mad for war. He’s probably in the fighting army!”What the hell is going on here?Red Army period he Bingyan originally, He Bingyan sent the letter, passing by the red 4 division position, see the following comrades to play vigorously, really itching, so picked up grenades, towards the attack of Jiang Jun threw, the enemy bombed.At that moment, the bugle call sounded.On bayonets, the commanders and fighters of the red 4th Division rushed out of their positions like tigers descending from the mountain and carried out counter-charges against the enemy.He Bingyan also want to follow his comrades together, but he knew that his task is the order, after completing the task to protect the head.Hence gave up the idea, with a few grenades, carrying a shell gun copy path back.When he hurried to a small slope, he was suddenly frightened by the scene in front of him: dozens of Jiang’s troops escaped from the encirclement by luck and were running for their lives.He Bingyan found a big tree for the first time to hide.In their haste to escape, the Chiang Kai-shek men did not notice him and went straight into the reeds.The reeds were so dense and deep that it would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack if dozens of the enemy had penetrated to find them again.We mustn’t let them get away!Holding this idea, He Bingyan raised his gun and jumped out decisively, blocking the way of jiang’s army.There were many enemies, but he was not afraid.With one hand tightly pulling the trigger of the shell gun, and with the other hand holding the grenade aloft, he shouted: “Surrender the gun and don’t kill, and treat the prisoners well!”During the War of Resistance against Japan, he Bingyan (first from left), a group of enemies who had long been frightened by the Red Army, now jumped out of the way with such a “Cheng Biting jin”.Before the enemy reacted, He Bingyan pointed to the front of the dry pond, the Jiang jumped in, the gun is on the pond terrier.In this group of Chiang kai-shek, one of the leading officers was very cunning.He first looked around quietly, then looked at He Bingyan carefully, and found that he was only one person, and still a half child.So he picked up a rifle, pretending to “disarm”, but secretly close to he Bingyan.When he got close enough, he smashed the butt of a rifle into the past.He Bingyan’s quick hand, while he hit the empty moment, raised the gun and fired a round, the officer immediately fell to the ground, dead.The rest of the Chiang Pows saw this and began to stampede in all directions.He Bingyan pulled out grenades from his waist, expertly pulled out the insurance, and then threw into the escape of the pile, the several escape Jiang Jun was blown up on the spot.The others heard the explosion and threw themselves on the ground, afraid to speak.He Bingyan pulled another grenade from his waist and shouted, “Go into the pond.Don’t be honest, send you to the grave!”At this point, Chiang Pow was really afraid.They had no idea that a “child” was capable of so much. Immediately, they obediently put down their weapons, raised their hands, and crowded into the dry pond with their heads bowed, obeying the orders of the Red Army.He Bingyan, there are 47 people.But he was alone. How could he take so many prisoners back?When he was in a dilemma, he suddenly remembered the “mind attacks” taught by the old Red Army and said to Chiang Pow, who was standing in the pond: “Brothers of Chiang’s army, all of you are poor people. You join the army only when you don’t have enough food and clothes…”He Bingyan told the prisoners the simple revolutionary principles he had learned in the propaganda team.As a result, the group of Chiang pows actually obeyed his command, lined up and headed for the station in an honest manner under the escort of He Bingyan.Red Army data heard he Bingyan came back, He Long out of the command post to see what happened, a look he Bingyan carrying a few guns, sweating, and then look at his prisoners, happily patted him and said: “Have a kind, good!”He Bingyan breathlessly reported: “Commander, there are still 40 guns in the dry pond in front of me. I can’t carry them any more!”He Bingyan in the Red Army, in addition to the wisdom of the enemy soldiers, he Bingyan also had another little-known story: silver dollars to save lives.It happened in the winter of 1931.At that time, the Red Army in Songzi County was severely besieged by 18 regiments of Chiang’s army.He Bingyan’s guards were ordered to cover he Long, Deng Zhongxia and other leaders to break out.But the enemy was on his heels.The troops resisted desperately but were unable to beat back the pursuers.Seeing that the enemy was about to overtake him, He Bingyan found several bags of silver dollars on the horse behind He Long. He whipped his horse and stabbed the bags on the mule with his bayonet. The white silver dollars were soon scattered all over the ground.At the sight of the money dropped from the mules, some of the hundred Jiang soldiers who were chasing them stooped to pick it up, while others simply jumped forward and covered a piece with their bodies.Dozens of people crowded together to pick up money, how to chase the red army?Some jiang jun shouted as he picked them up, “Rich, rich!”It was only when the gang reacted that they remembered to pursue the Red Army.Can he Long, Deng Zhongxia already jumped out of the encirclement.Afterwards, He Long found He Bingyan alone and said jokingly, “You traded the whole army’s silver bag for my life.”He Bingyan was quick to use silver to save his life, but also in the Red Army spread.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, He Long recalled this incident and commented on it: “He Bingyan is as smart as a kid!”