“Financial Street Telecom” CECU Chairman Du Meng: ai meta-universe NF Xia stock pool 2022

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Today is the fifth day of the lunar New Year, also known as the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, which means to welcome wealth and send off the poor, to get rid of bad luck and send off the New Year. After today, the year will be almost over, and our Spring Festival stock pool will be finished.The god of wealth should welcome and accept, but the sky will not fall on its own pie, investment is the realization of cognition.Labor, capital (currency) and land (resources) can all bring wealth, and everyone’s life is inseparable from investment and financial management.Working is money, making money is money.This week, META FB (FB), the parent company of FACEBOOK (FB), plunged, mainly because earnings are expected to grow 3% in the first quarter of this year, much lower than the 48% growth in the same period of 2021.And for the first time in user growth, Zuckerberg said TikTok had become a formidable competitor.In our view, this tells us that investors still need to value growth. Concepts can perform for a while, but if they are not supported by performance, they will eventually return to value.At the same time, we see that Internet enterprises in the mid-term, even against international Internet giants, still have their own competitive advantages, investors should have their own confidence.So we thought about it, although the a-share opening may see A fall in the cosmic plate next week, but still listed some new concepts or possible opportunities for 2022.The main function of our Spring Festival stock pool is to predict the hot sectors and opportunities that may appear in 2022 and make our own analysis.The stock pool is just a forecast of hot sectors in the market in 2022, not a recommendation to buy or sell.Therefore, we emphasize that the absence of listed sectors does not mean that there is no opportunity.What’s more, new hotspots are likely to emerge in 2022, some of which will last, and some of which will be unpopular, and may become hot spots.So we want you to look at the cyclical ups and downs of the stock market in a higher dimension.Yuan universe concept is more and more, is there a bank a few days ago also in blow himself into the universe, an independent economist Du Meng said yuan universe are decentralized economic system block chain, true to yuan universe: is there anything that your bank, and yuan universe common use NFT and virtual currency, if domestic Banks into, that is not in violation of the policy.So, to see that most of the metasurverse is warming, there are not so many multiverse stocks, there are not so many NFT stocks, just people packaging their business through the metasurverse.The metasomes will be games for the next five years.Baidu’s Xilang, the world’s beautiful rainbow world and so on, it is with a number of functions of the yuan universe, and foreign hot speculation of the yuan universe.An embryonic meta-universe needs the creation mode of UGC, an economic system dominated by Ethereum and Bitcoin (digital RMB can be used in China), and access devices with high experience such as VR, among which the most important is the economic system created by UGC users, Ethereum and Bitcoin.To put it bluntly, the reason why the metasurverse is so popular is to get users involved with money-making stories.Yes, we media, and users come in and create digital assets, and those digital assets are traded through NFT and FT.Why can’t it be the currency issued by Internet platform, but must NFT or distributed finance?The reason is afraid of platform promiscuous tokens, many games game currency and game props are very expensive at the early stage, the platform at the late stage, instantly lost value, who will collect a devaluation of the game props.So, the meta-universe is about making money from content to attract users, and with more users, those digital assets, virtual items will have value.There are people who want to take advantage of it.Take virtual digital real estate for example. People who buy virtual digital real estate have two purposes: either to sell to the next buyer, or to show their products, or to meet online celebrity fans.In plain English, a money-making story brings people together, and then you can advertise.So NFT and UGC are closely related to the metasverse.So to say, is to tell the majority of investors, the most profitable meta-universe field, is a few groups: first, is the Internet platform.Baidu, Tencent and NetEase are all drilling into the meta-universe, but Alibaba is not, because the meta-universe itself is a gameplay innovation in the game industry.The more typical is digital virtual real estate.Second, content creators.Since digital assets can be traded and digital art is rising, you can only make money by creating a work, paying gas through Ethereum and then reselling it.So the meta-cosmic content dominates.A typical example is digital artist Beeple’s “Everyday: The First 5,000 Days”, which sold for $69.3 million.Remember, this is the opinion leader of a virtual currency organization.Take Hilton’s youngest daughter, one of the world’s first Internet celebrities, who also makes money from graffiti.Like Jay Chou and Fantasy Bear to sell to fans.You find that the people who make the money are at the top of the food chain and the people who pay are at the bottom.So, no matter how you use traffic, content creators can get a piece of the metaverse if you use it skillfully.As for investors, unfortunately there is no good way to make money.For example, Xirang released by Baidu, in fact, independent economist Du Meng entered the game after the experience is not good, he only considered a social function, there is no economic system, so it is difficult to gather traffic.For VR, Musk said, “I agree with you why you want to put the screen on your face. There’s no need.”So, we will still give some reference to the metadverse, but before we give these reference to the metadverse, we have already made clear the nature of the metadverse.So, we don’t recommend that investors pay too much attention to this reference list, which falls under the category of venture capitalists. Maybe there shouldn’t be venture capital in 2022, but it doesn’t hurt to know.Meta universe reference targets: Tianxiu, Tomcat, Chinese online, Visual China, Fengyuzhu, Zhongkechuangda, Yuan Long Yatu, etc.VR+ Intelligent driving lies between the potential possibilities of the metasverse and VR. We add some companies to our attention, note that they are not public companies, such as:Kechuang da and desai in west wei (UI), hong yu technology (system), mann constant number (engine), (body), a fish smell kingdom technology (gesture interaction), green research science and technology (eye tracking), shadow and virtual fixed point (spatially), read through intelligent and cloud can intelligent machine (brain), the little red house and seven panorama of science and technology and so on.Independent economist Du Meng team just widen the thinking of the investors, the demand of the consumer electronics industry is very stable, but the stability since 2006 for 16 years, he is not very long stable demand, can change the content of the consumer electronics, from analog phones, to smart phones, smart iot by now, and then to yuan VR devices of the universe,It’s very rich and very fickle.I don’t think VR can replace smartphones, but I don’t know how far VR can go, whether it will be replaced by brain-computer interface and panoramic projection.But one of the bigger trends we see is that all devices are meant to replace our perception.For example, hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch and so on, if consumer electronics can make these sensory experiences better, then consumer electronics can become the new hit.And all the upstream providers around these areas, in my opinion, have the potential to grow.Perhaps the metasomes will continue in 2022, the same paradoxical paradox.That is, he who knows the truth gains wisdom, and he who knows the market gains money.This is not the sector for value investing, but concepts are where many industries thrive.Vegetation temporarily business move, guan He Wanli frozen cloud open.Free flying flowers light like a dream, a sichuan tobacco hope three rivers.Three points of spring, small bridge, water, people, grass fan three paths, tiny swift flying.Day yuntao even xiao fog, chunjiang tidewater even sea level, only amorous, with people.Spring water bitiantian, Fang listening to the rain sleep, full of light dream pressure stars, the world is the most beautiful qinghuan!Special reminder, stock investment is the realization of cognition, so the most important point of investment is that you can only choose their own familiar industry or stock investment, more than the ability of the circle of scope, will be caught by the monster, so our analysis content for reference only.Du Meng, chairman of China Enterprise Capital Alliance, is a famous independent economist, doctor of economics, known as one of China’s four financial and economic eccentrics, doctor of ghost city.Member of the Peking University Branch of the Democratic Revolution.Representative works: “Currency”, “Money and Banking”, “Introduction to Investment Management”, “Real Estate Development and Operation”, “Ghost City theory”, etc.Presided over group headquarters and the daily management of listed companies, investment area and molecular company, subordinate to tens of millions of square meters of area development, regulation, have principal work background of listed companies at home and abroad, capital operation and real estate investment and development experience, is the real estate finance and representative of the academic and practical;Successively served as senior executives of enterprises with different backgrounds, such as military enterprises, state-owned enterprises, school-enterprises and listed groups.Financial Street Telecom is the earliest financial portal website invested and founded by the entrepreneurs of Chinese Doctor club.Leading financial information and business information provider in China, the first financial information and business information “real time” mode, second level push important information, to provide users with information, data, such as market, research and community service, 7 * 24 hours all year financial international perspective focus on commercial business economic pulse exploration industry development to the financial street telecommunications henan et editor