Disciplinary inspection red plus sunset red “hardcore” propaganda set off “mask fever”

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Changsha County Quantang Street xingang community disciplinary inspection team set up a mobile publicity team “fancy” epidemic prevention propaganda.Wu Wanqin photo star Sand Times (reporter Wu Wanqin) “mask you do not wear, the virus to your love.””Even immortals should wear masks. The epidemic is no joke.”…April 7 at 9 o ‘clock in the morning, a red mobile propaganda team appeared in changsha County Quantang street xingang community street.Volunteers held “local flavor” epidemic prevention placards, speakers broadcast changsha dialect propaganda, let street people in laughter consciously wear masks.The red is composed of “discipline inspection red” and “sunset red” : the team leader is Chen Jing, the leader of the community discipline inspection team, the team members are members of the discipline inspection team, and the average age of over 60 years old aunt community residents.For half a month, they actively responded to the call of the community and helped carry out nucleic acid tests on the front line of epidemic prevention every day. On these two days, they moved their “positions” and signed up to participate in the mobile publicity of epidemic prevention.Aunts to the battle, “people ruthless talk more”.One hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, the footprints were all over the district, shops, vegetable markets, nucleic acid testing points and other key places. When they saw the residents who did not wear masks, they used the “monk chanting sutras” skill, holding the speakers to read the “magic spell” over and over again, and “read” so that the residents consciously took out masks and put them on.”Pretty brainwash, unconsciously will wear a mask.”Mr. Zheng, a resident, became the target of aunts because he took off his mask to scan the code and didn’t put it on in time to pay. Afterwards, he felt ashamed.To say this “fancy propaganda”, the idea also comes from aunts.”Residential property shouted every day, the effect is not ideal, aunts have any good way?”On the afternoon of April 6, Chen jing led a disciplinary inspection team to take to the streets to supervise the prevention and control of the epidemic.Within an hour, the aunts came to the community with their “magic tricks”.”Local propaganda language is easy to accept.””It’s more noticeable to make a brand!”Chen Xiangjiang and Chen Lifang aunt are volunteer service “old expert”, let Chen Jing have thoughts in a word.In the evening, Chen Jing launched the disciplinary inspection team to collect slogans, make billboards, and record the local accent propaganda slogans. The next morning, the aunts gathered on time, and the red mobile propaganda team officially “started working”.”The video of the publicity team has been praised in the owners’ group, and many residents are interested in it and want to join in. In the future, this team will become a normal one!”Chen Jing told reporters that the morning publicity team only 6 volunteers, afternoon has developed to more than 10, volunteers from the “60 after” to “90 after” ranging from all walks of life, each community.Now, this red team not only has “discipline inspection red” “Sunset red”, but also a touch of “youth red” “Party red”.