Comment | Why are Rappers’ apologies so hard to sell to the public?

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Respect for others is an important part of personal morality, and the loss of this quality will inevitably lead to a public display of one’s own indecency, according to the Global Times: RECENTLY, a video of “saying that a singer-songwriter hit an old man with his elbow, threatened him with busking, and transferred 0.01 yuan to make fun of him” went viral on the Internet, attracting the attention of netizens.Since then, several rappers have spoken out against him.On the evening of April 2, the client posted a video response via his Weibo account, apologizing for his inappropriate behavior.The viral video shows a sharp contrast between the rapper’s bad behavior and the old man’s indifference to busking.First, he elbowed the old man, then transferred 0.01 yuan, not only laughed with his table mates, but also showed off in wechat groups, which confirmed that what he did was a continuous behavior, not a drunken prank, a lack of respect and awe.Unperturbed by the rapper’s arrogance, the old busker went on to finish his performance.Out of trust, the old man did not check the other side to pay the reward is 0.01 yuan, and did not look for accounts afterwards.The simplicity of the old man was all the more objectionable to the singer.This brazen mockery of an elderly man who cannot make a living touches the bottom line.The hoaxer was continuously criticized by netizens, not because he is a rapper, the public has no prejudice against rappers.It didn’t matter who he was at the time of the elbow, what mattered was the roughness and badness of the act.In that moment, his status and achievements, whatever they may be, will come to naught, and people will only see his movements, expressions and hidden malice.After the busker left the restaurant, the rapper tried to find the man to apologize in person, but didn’t find him.His apology may be forgiven by the old busker, but it may be difficult for him to be forgiven by the public. Netizens are not satisfied with the content of his apology video, expressing deep doubts about his words and sincerity.This is not because the public is so harsh, but because the hurt feeling persists after the bottom line has been pierced.It remains to be seen whether the singer can gradually recover her image with time and sincerity in addition to her apology.This event is not only a reminder to public figures, but also a warning to every member of society: respect for others is an important part of personal morality, the loss of this quality will inevitably lead to their own unconscionably openly displayed.Red Star news guest commentator Han Haoyue editor Guan Li