The black man is carrying the coffin!How should we treat death properly?

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Socrates said, “At the door of death, we should consider not the emptiness of life, but its importance.”There are many people praying for their safety and longevity in temples, and many people buying health care products for the health of themselves and their families on the streets. No matter what things are related to life and death, people always pay more attention to them.Was equal, but alive and died is everyone will experience, we have worked so hard to do a wide variety of things for health, but that’s just for the sake of a long and healthy life, because the world is too wonderful, we also could not bear to leave, because the world there are a lot of the things we care about, we don’t want to be like this forever and farewell.Different countries have different customs, and even funerals are different. Some countries allow dancing at funerals, allowing people to see off the dead with a light heart.Others regard it as a serious matter to be taken with a heavy heart.Take, for example, the recently popular black coffin bearers and the recently reviled birthday dress catwalk.All because they are in different countries, different regions.Recently, a video of a black man carrying a coffin was discovered by the public. In a very short time, it has tens of millions of views.When the coffin is lifted, the world will come to nothing. “At the moment when the rhythm starts, they combine death, electric sound and dance in a wonderful way.It’s a new way of thinking about funerals.In fact, no matter how their funerals are held, what black pallbearers ultimately want is for people to be able to relax a little and not be too depressed when they lose their loved ones.After all, both death and life are the most important things in life. It is the most normal state of life to arrive naked and clean, and leave with nothing to worry about.Was seven Wu Hai “under” died, just as pallbearers fire up seven black, they are as a team, behavior is also a farewell ceremony, people of the republic of Ghana this video had been intended to introduce the funeral culture of the republic of Ghana, but fame is a little surprised, but it makes people begin to think in the face of death, after all, people should have been with a heavy heart.Controversial during life of suit, riding crane west, sacred in our own country, people has been the fear of death, when he was alive, always in casual reveal the fear of death, because people know, once the die, is to say goodbye to this world forever, no matter love or not, have lost the ability to survive, so it is a sad thing.However, traditional customs are always slowly changing, this is not, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Province, Gangshan Jiyuan Daji Pagoda in 2015, also held a fashion show of birthday clothes, which made many people stunned.They hired people to dress in trendy shrines and lay out the red carpet in front of the skeleton tower building, starting a fashion journey.The Funeral Industry Expo held at the Wuhan International Expo is another example of changing customs. At the event, a group of handsome men and women dressed in funeral clothes walked the runway. In fact, they did not mean to disrespect the deceased, but originally intended to let everyone know about the latest development of funeral clothing.It may be because people’s reverence for the deceased is too heavy, all activities and behaviors related to life rarely have cheerful rhythm, even some resistance, but no matter what activities, the intention is never a trace of disrespect to the deceased.Different countries have different rituals, so it’s always good to know more about them.How should one feel about death?Death itself is heavy, serious that people always want to disease and pain away from themselves, hope oneself can live healthily, but most of the time, people ignore the problem, alive and leave themselves are all have to face, this is a serious problem, handed down from thousands of years of culture, and make it difficult to change,Any attempt to change it is controversial.To see life of service, while the black pallbearers, they only change was originally depressing atmosphere in a more relaxed, they brought the relaxed and cheerful slightly behavior, hope people can in the face of the person died can earlier out of sadness, it is also a living to the death of another kind of awe and respect.Death comes sooner or later to everyone.When people are in awe of the heart, they should also do more things when they are alive to leave a little impression on the future generations, so that there will be less regret, and the future generations will have a deep impression on themselves, just like those great heroes, always remembered by people.Such customs contrast lets a person have some comprehension, first of all, remember to have seen the words before, roughly means three big thing in life, put the three banquet, was born, marry, and when he died, the third is writing the lyrics of “the west, the third table, may not want to eat also, relatives and friends do on the desk, sigh lack a”.The lyrics made me think that even in your own country, it’s normal to have a dinner for the dead.Instead of keeping a dull mood for the deceased, we should eat together to dilute some of the sadness of death.It is always hoped that the parting of the dead can be done with a less heavy heart.It is not that they are not sad or sorry, but they have gone from one world to another, and it seems unnatural not to let them feel at ease in the past.Second, the initial state of black pallbearers Ghana the custom of the deceased is easy, they more than domestic some romantic atmosphere and the color that jump, different national customs is different, but the dead to all feeling pain are the same, just see what you want to use the mood farewell of death.Third, life is so short that, in the face of the inevitable parting of the dead, it seems not impossible to find a way to lighten up and make both the dead and the living feel less sad.Life is always precious, both to strive to live, but also in the face of death more calm.This topic is always worth discussing, but the original intention is to respect and Revere the dead while making the living a little more relaxed.