Seeing the warmth of “Zhen”, Baotai 182 Design Park donated supplies for epidemic prevention workers

2022-07-31 0 By

On the morning of January 25th, a truck loaded with sympathy materials was escorted by Tu Shengchang from Baotay 182 Design Park to nanwan street.200 boxes of mineral water, 150 boxes of milk beverage, 60 cases of biscuits, 80 boxes of instant noodles, 40 cases of paper towel neatly – “concentric counterparts see” curriculum “warm” quietly for donations, treasure 182 design garden is always stick to epidemic prevention work in the south bay street staff offer sincere condolences, take concrete actions to support jurisdiction and epidemic prevention work.Rain and rain, we are in the same boat.It is understood that since the outbreak of “0107” in Shenzhen, the Party Committee of Baotai182 Design Park responded positively and took the initiative to quickly organize seven party members of the park to form an “epidemic prevention team”, actively participating in voluntary work such as order maintenance, code scanning, registration and information input.We actively provided 28 desks and chairs to facilitate the timely and smooth construction of the detection point in The Pocket Park of Baotai Building, and assisted the efficient implementation of nucleic acid detection with practical actions. We fully played the role of organizing and fighting fortforts. we reflected the social responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise, and made positive contributions to the prevention and control work of the jurisdiction.Batches of heart-warming materials, love again and again relay, in recent days, many enterprises will drop warmth into the Big river bay, with love and support to gather a strong force to defeat the epidemic, to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work of enterprises.Review: Yu Fang hua Tian Jun