Redmi esports router AX5400 gets 549 yuan for the first time

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Qilu Evening News • Qilu One point reporter Zhao Wanying Beijing time on February 16, Redmi officially released esports router: Redmi esports router AX5400.The Redmi esports router AX5400, the first of its kind under the Redmi brand, is targeted at mobile and mobile gamers and game enthusiasts.Since its entry into WiFi6 track, Xiaomi router has won word-of-mouth recognition from many users by virtue of its high performance and stable use experience, and ranked first in WiFi6 router category sales volume in Tmall Singles day in 2021.The Redmi e-sports router AX5400 as a rare price of 500 yuan on the market e-sports router, Redmi router AX5400 with flagship configuration and exclusive functions designed for e-sports enthusiasts, will set up a new benchmark in 1000 yuan e-sports routing.Adhering to the principle of the ultimate cost performance of Redmi brand products, Redmi esports router AX5400 has a 2.5g network port with a cross-level thousand yuan product configuration, which can be used as a dedicated network port for games or external NAS devices to improve playability, and can also fully adapt to the gigabit fiber rate of operators.As a positioning esports router device, Redmi esports router AX5400 has a built-in 16 million color RGB light effect and built-in game acceleration plug-in. At the same time, as a home WiFi6 router, it also supports a mixed Mesh network with all Xiaomi WiFi6 routers to achieve high-speed WiFi6 network coverage in the whole house.Redmi e-sports router AX5400 recommended retail price of 599 yuan, February 18 at 10:00 will be in xiaomi mall and other official channels to open sales, at the same time in February 16 at 20:00 xiaomi mall will open the deposit pre-sale, 50 yuan to 100 yuan, hand price of 549 yuan.As a high-performance wireless router, the Redmi esports router AX5400 uses a Qualcomm SoC platform with a dual-core 64-bit 1.0ghz CPU and 1.0ghz NPU. A separate NPU core significantly improves packet forwarding efficiency and reduces CPU usage.At the same time, Redmi esports router AX5400 has 512MB of large memory and a theoretical number of 248 machines.In terms of network hardware, Redmi esports router AX5400 is internally equipped with 6 independent high-performance FEM, 4 in 5GHz band +2 in 2.4ghz band, all of which are high-performance independent signal amplifiers.The maximum theoretical speed of the machine: 5400Mbps: 5G 4×4 160MHz 4804Mbps, 2.4G 2X2 40MHz 574Mbps.Support 4×4 160MHz, double the speed of 80MHz, 5G speed up to 4804Mbps;The modulation and demodulation technology supports 4K QAM, which can be further increased by 20% with phones that support 4K QAM, and the 5G speed of the mobile phone can reach 2882Mbps. With dual-band WiFi acceleration technology of Xiaomi, Redmi and other Qualcomm 888 phones, the maximum WiFi speed of the full mobile phone can reach 3.5Gbps.As a WiFi6 router of Xiaomi and Redmi series, Redmi esports router AX5400 also supports Xiaomi Mesh interconnection technology, which can connect with all xiaomi WiFi6 routers for Mesh networking. The Mesh forms a star/chain/wired wireless hybrid network, and can be networked with up to 10 devices.The Mesh network of multiple Xiaomi WiFi6 routers can be used to easily cover large area or complex structure rooms such as large flat floor and multi-storey villa.In terms of AIoT Internet experience, Redmi esports router AX5400 supports Mi free connection: through MI App and mi account login, it can automatically find mi smart devices that are not connected to the network, easily access the network with one click, and automatically synchronize the Wi-Fi password to the smart device associated with the account after the user router changes it.It is worth mentioning that Redmi esports router AX5400 built-in four game acceleration services, for new users to give a total of 330 days of full platform game acceleration experience, and for Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones automatically identify mobile game scenes, open exclusive esports acceleration, can reduce the delay by 20%.The Redmi AX5400 supports WiFi6 enhancements, Qualcomm tri-core professional-grade processors, and 2.5g next-generation network ports, enabling it to deliver an extremely fast experience unlike previous WiFi6 routers.Support 4×4 160MHz ultra broadband, can make Redmi K50 e-sports version mobile phone support this band of terminal equipment network speed, compared with the current mainstream WiFi6 4×4 80MHz bandwidth is doubled, multiple devices online can also enjoy the high speed brought by 160MHz.At present, the price of e-sports router products starts from 1000 yuan, and there are not many choices of products priced at 500 yuan that can meet all the needs of games and daily scenes.Redmi e-sports router AX5400 fully understands and fits the actual use needs of users, and strives to create a versatile popular product, which gives users a more comprehensive choice in the price range of 500 yuan:Independent NPU design of Qualcomm SoC, large tape capacity brought by 512M large memory, 2.5g network port, dual WAN access/dual LAN aggregation, the world’s most advanced 4K QAM modulation and demodulation technology, Mesh hybrid networking, game network acceleration plug-in of four game accelerators for 330 days in total, appearance of ESports RGB light effect design,As well as Xiaomi, Redmi WiFi6 router good use reputation and free AIoT experience, whether used as esports players or with the AIoT environment at home, Redmi esports router AX5400 is a very good choice.