Gao Peng said medicinal herbs: recent market trend of some hot varieties

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1. Star Anise: Due to the recent continuous rain in the producing area of Guangxi, spring fruit harvesting and processing have been affected, the output of dry goods is less, plus the replenishment of goods by operators after the holiday, driving up the price slightly. At present, the market water irons fruit 55-56 yuan, the dryness is good.The product inventory is weak, spring fruit output is not clear for the time being, it is expected that the market will still have fluctuations in the short term.2. Grass and fruit: The recent snowfall in some producing areas of Yunnan has attracted the attention of many businesses, and those who have goods will raise the price. At present, the goods in the market are about 40 yuan, and 37-38 yuan before the festival.This product is not flowering at present, snow will not have much impact on fruit setting, buyers should be cautious.3. Black pepper: it is said that the producing area continues to rain, the new goods can not be dried, the port of goods, the price slightly increased to 24.5-25 yuan, 23.5 yuan before the festival.This variety gradually entered the downward channel from 50 yuan in 2017, fell to the bottom in 2020, and began to climb in 2021.Because there are more low-price inventory, is expected to rise in the short term power shortage, the market is worth continuing to pay attention to.4. Chuanxiong: Recently, the production of chuanxiong improved, and the price also rose slightly. The price of the unified goods was 41-42 yuan, and the market unified goods were more than 43 yuan.The price increase of this product is not much good, buyers still need to be cautious.5. Maidong: It is understood that the production of maidong has just entered the sporadic new production, the price of fresh goods in Sichuan production areas is 7-7.8 yuan/catty, and only a small amount of dry goods are listed, including the price of micro tide goods is 64-66 yuan, and the price of middle and high quality goods is 68-70 yuan.The product market operator in the hands of more than no inventory, while the production of new replenishment, it is expected that the market will not calm, but this year the size of the output of new goods is not yet clear, buyers to wait-and-see.6. Cheqianzi: At present, when the new and old are not available, the prices of those who have goods are firm. The net prices of goods produced in Jiangxi are about 100 yuan.Stimulated by high prices, the product new expansion area is large, it is expected that the price will fall after the new production shock.7. Safflower: Yunnan origin of safflower has begun sporadic production of new, including micro tide new goods asking about 178 yuan, there is not a large number of new goods supply market, the price of the goods is still strong, Xinjiang production of unified goods still asking 180 yuan.Stimulated by the high price for two consecutive years, the planting area in Yunnan has expanded. It is expected that the price is expected to fall with the new depth of production.8. Alisma: After the Spring Festival, many pharmacists went to Sichuan to actively buy goods, driving up the price strongly. At present, the unified goods in the origin rose to about 24 yuan, and the market charged 26-27 yuan more.It is expected that the price will not fall below 20 won in the short term due to the large volume of new products.9. Qingqiao: Recently, the market is active in small batch trading, and the owner’s price is strong. The boiled goods are priced at 120 yuan, and the goods without handle are about 135 yuan.This product is getting closer and closer to flowering, flowering weather changes for business concerns, will also affect the green qiao market changes.10 Banlangen: as the pharmaceutical market has just resumed business, the purchase of large goods is not much, mainly to small batch transactions, unified goods more than 12.8-13 yuan.The new production of this product last year is not big, because there is inventory support, if the market demand is normal, it is expected that the price will not have big fluctuations in the short term.Follow me to learn more about Chinese herbal medicine industry.