City deputy center bus driver: On duty Spring Festival post warm home road

2022-07-31 0 By

The Spring Festival is a wonderful time for family reunion, and the bus people in order to let more passengers can reunite with their families still stick to the front line of operation, to ensure the safe travel of citizens on holiday.Zhang Wei, a 43-year-old bus driver from Tianjin, has been working as a bus driver for six years and has been on duty in Beijing for six years.This Spring Festival, as usual, he chose to be where the passengers needed him.Recalling the night shift on the eve of Chinese New Year, he was still impressed.Zhang Wei, driver of the third team of Beijing Bus Group passenger five branch, said, “When I was running the last shift of 924, I thought that there might be no one on the 30th night of the Big Spring Festival.If we all had to rest, or if ten cars were reduced to one or two cars, you would think that so many people would not be able to go home for the Spring Festival. I would not be able to go home by myself or even by two people. Sometimes I feel quite proud that so many people can go home.”It is this pride that makes Zhang Wei work harder at his post.Aside from his professional role, he is a son, a husband and a father.Zhang Wei always felt guilty about not going home for the Spring Festival for several years.On the second day of the lunar New Year, he used his lunch break to make video calls to his family.The moment he hung up the video call, Zhang Wei could not hide how much he missed his family.But in his description, the warmth of staying in Beijing is far more than the regret.Zhang Wei, driver of the third team of Beijing Bus Group passenger 5 Branch, said, “When I was running during the Spring Festival, many passengers would say, ‘Happy New Year, Master’ or ‘Happy New Year’, not just one passenger. It was very comfortable when I heard this.”At 3:30 PM, it was time to start the train. Zhang Wei finished all the preparation work before the train.During the Spring Festival, many bus people, like Zhang Wei, stick to their posts to send warmth to the citizens and make their own contributions to the safe and peaceful Spring Festival in the sub-center of the city.In order to do a better job in the Spring Festival travel rush, Beijing Bus Group will monitor the passenger flow in real time, equip motor vehicles, and guarantee the number of trains at railway stations, high-speed railway stations, parks and other places. During the Spring Festival travel rush, about 1,600 buses and 8,500 trips will be made every day, with a total journey of over 303,700 kilometers.Reporter: Liu Xiaohui MAO Sen editor: Zou Yanyan