Can running regulate blood pressure?Remind hypertensive crowd: correct and reasonable running, need to bear in mind 3 points

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For hypertensive patients, the most troublesome thing is how to keep blood pressure stable.Who is also a special care, diet will avoid some foods, such as high salt content, and Fried food, the food intake too much, it is possible to increase the intravascular fat and salt content, it is likely to lead to blood vessels become stuck or stiff and rigid, and so, with higher risk of cardiovascular disease.In addition to more dietary control, blood pressure will also be adjusted by changing other lifestyle, mainly to improve the metabolism of the human body, avoid serious metabolic damage, and let the blood pressure appear big changes.In the development of a good lifestyle, some people will appear some questions, such as exercise to reduce blood pressure this matter.Some people say that running can help regulate blood pressure, some people say that hypertension patients are not suitable for exercise, have their own reasons, for people who have not tried, will be a little hesitant, do not know whether to run?What should I pay attention to when running?Hypertensive patient, insist to run can adjust blood pressure?Whether it can help regulate blood pressure depends on correct exercise and long-term persistence. Under normal circumstances, moderate running can help regulate blood pressure.Because running improves the elasticity of blood vessels, blood circulation is less clogged and pressure on blood vessels is reduced.Moreover, moderate running can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve the metabolic ability of the human body, and also help regulate blood pressure to a certain extent.In addition, still need to emphasize that running adjust blood pressure, just as the auxiliary, want to reduce blood pressure, better need to run with the regulation of many sided, more important is need medication hypertensive population, drug cannot stop at random, can’t say to see after running, blood pressure change, feel movement regulation effect is very good, need not take medicine, this idea is wrong,If the medication is stopped casually, blood pressure can easily rebound, adversely affecting cardiovascular health.Hypertensive patient, when running, need to pay attention to what?First of all, every exercise to monitor the heart rate of hypertensive people, and the normal population is different, the monitoring of heart rate should be more rigorous, if not well monitored, it is easy to in the process of exercise, or after exercise, some unnecessary problems.So, to avoid problems, monitor your heart rate.After running, a reasonable exercise heart rate can be calculated by a calculation method: exercise heart rate =(220- age)x(75%~85%), take an example to illustrate:60-year-old hypertensive patient, then fit into the formula, 220-60=160, then use 160×75%=127.5, and then use 160×85%= that is to say, 60-year-old hypertensive patient, after exercise, heart rate should be 127.5-136, everyone’s body is different, up and down 5 times or so is no problem.In fact, monitoring heart rate is not difficult, now the technology is more developed, there are special monitoring heart rate after exercise bracelet, if you do not want to buy a special sports bracelet, you can also use a mobile phone to monitor, also has this function, as long as you do a good record every time, to properly adjust.Second, combination exercise contributes more to adjust blood pressure want better antihypertensive effect, might as well try to exercise combined, which means don’t running blindly, in running at the same time, also can be other ways of sports, such as resistance and strength training, combined with more conducive to improving the elasticity of the blood vessels, and blood circulation, also can reduce the formation of blood clots, blood vessels is not easy to hardening,Just in the choice of combination of exercise, to their own situation, must be suitable for their own, so as not to bring injury to the body.Finally, to exercise and speed control good psychological don’t wrong, is some people will rush, suddenly run long distances, the more you feel run, to adjust blood pressure, the better, don’t consider the oneself body can accept, running like this, not in regulating blood pressure, but in making trouble to the body.How much running exercise can help regulate blood pressure, there is no standard, because each person’s physical condition is different, the standard will be different, normal, as long as the heart rate is normal, the body also have no discomfort, insist for a long time, can help regulate blood pressure, to understand a truth, running is auxiliary adjust blood pressure, not soon can fall blood pressure,It requires long-term accumulation of exercise, therefore, running is not three days of fishing and two days of drying nets, this way of running will not achieve your desired goals.There is running speed should be suitable, neither fast nor slow, too fast blood pressure is unbearable, too slow may not reach the final effect.Running, on adjusting blood pressure, it is to have certain effect, if you are not a sports lover, can try to see, but must understand good relevant knowledge in advance, just not easy to appear error.References: 1. “Exercise helps lower blood pressure, it is better to do so” · Dingxiang Doctor ·2016.9.202. “If you have high blood pressure, can you no longer exercise?”· Lilac Doctor · February 23, 2017