Another scenic spot in Hunan, with its “stunning” wetland environment and many ancient legends, has become a hit

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Hubei is also a famous tourist province in China. Yellow Crane Tower, Wudang Mountain, Shennongjia and other scenic spots within the province are very representative tourist attractions, which attract a large number of tourists to visit this province every year.Today xiaobian for you to introduce, is also a relatively well-known tourist attractions, it has a beautiful wetland environment, there are many ancient legends, this scenic spot is “Big nine Lakes”.Many friends may be the first time to hear the name, but as long as small make up its location, we will certainly see light suddenly, nine lakes in Shennongjia scenic area, shennongjia is one of the most core attractions.The full name of Dajiu Lake is Dajiu Lake Wetland Park. It is a wetland with an elevation of 1730 meters. It is one of the few alpine wetland scenic spots in China.But here also has big difference between with tianchi, the first is the different vegetation, big nine vegetation surrounding the lake is very dense, lush aquatic plants also attract a lot of wild animals and rare animals such as stork, cranes, sika deer, is the master of the swamp, but in ancient times, there was a very horrible place, legend has it as long as into here, will be,Never get out of this big meadow.Has such a legend, it is because here before have not been developed, there are a lot of swamp, people do not understand the principle, is the truth there are monsters, some also claim that dragon lived here, actually this is when the superstition of the people, but with the development of science, people also to unlock the secrets of big nine lake gradually.However, big nine lake is located in remote, to think of this tourism, need to charter in the scenic area, the cost can be imagined, so we want to think of this to enjoy the beautiful scenery, must be ready for enough funds, two also want plenty of time.Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any other views on the Great Nine Lakes?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Do you know it? It is one of the scenic spots in Hebei and one of the four famous gardens in China.A “huge” building in Handan, made entirely of glass, has become popular, with a beautiful meaning