A brief history of the Troubled Southern and Northern Dynasties

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The chaotic era is called the killer of history books because of a “chaos”, and before the establishment of the tang Dynasty, there was a chaotic era named “Southern and Northern Dynasties”, which made countless liberal arts students puzzled.First of all, the Northern and Southern dynasties were divided into the Southern and northern dynasties, and these two dynasties existed at the same time, probably named by geographical location.In the Southern Dynasty there were the Song, Qi, Liang and Chen.The Northern Dynasty consisted of northern Wei, Eastern Wei, Western Wei, Northern Qi and Northern Zhou.The Northern Dynasty has the glorious tradition of “five Hu Rebellion”, while the Southern dynasty is relatively simple — to put it simply, the history of the Southern Dynasty is: change the name of the dynasty, change the family to become the emperor.After kicking the Eastern Jin Emperor out of the way, Liu Yu made himself emperor and named his kingdom song.Attention!The Song Dynasty established by Liu Yu has nothing to do with the song dynasty in Qing Ping Le.After Liu Yu’s Song dynasty, Xiao Daocheng founded the Southern Qi, Xiao Yan founded the Southern Liang, and Chen Baxian founded the Southern Chen. Together, these dynasties became the Southern Dynasty.The group of people in the Eastern Jin Dynasty who were “crossing south in clothes” had culture and upbringing, so they had thin skin.In the Southern Dynasty, these emperors became more and more brazen. The only one in Chinese history who used his family name as the name of the dynasty was Chen Baxian.At the end of the 4th century, the Tuoba tribe of xianbei established a regime in the north — Wei, which was different from the Cao family and was known as the Northern Wei.In 439, the Northern Wei unified the north, and people saw the hope of national unification: there was only one regime left in both the north and the south, one less and the whole country would be unified!Before the northern Wei died, it was divided into eastern wei and Western Wei due to differences of belief and race.However, whether it was the Eastern Wei or the Western Wei, the people who actually controlled the government did not have the surname Tuoba.The boss of Western Wei was Yu Wentai, whose team was the “Guan Long Group” repeatedly emphasized by Mr. Chen Yinke.The eastern Wei was led by Gao Huan. Among his descendants, gao Changgong, the king of Lanling, was very handsome.Not long after, the sons of the two bosses established their own companies: Western Wei became The Northern Zhou, and Eastern Wei became the Northern Qi.The two regimes of Northern Zhou and Northern Qi, no matter from any point of view, are the cattle of northern Qi. You can see how handsome the King of Lanling is and how good the genes of the northern Qi royal family are.But there were more emperors in the Northern Zhou than in the Northern Qi.Yu Wentai and his “Guan Long Group” brought together one of the world’s most scarce resources — emperors: Yu Wenjia established the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Yang family then established the Sui Dynasty, Li family then established the Tang Dynasty…No matter how ox the northern Qi royal family was, it was impossible to fight with a group of emperors.So the final result was that the Northern Zhou destroyed the Northern Qi and reunified the North.However, after the Northern Zhou destroyed the Northern Qi, The Yu Wen family was not happy for several years, but was replaced by his own Yang Jian.Yang Jian replaced the Northern Zhou and founded the Sui Dynasty, which soon ended the chaos of the Northern and Southern dynasties.In 589, the Sui army invaded Jiankang and brought the Southern Dynasty into the territory, bringing the 169 years of the Northern and Southern Dynasties to an end.Interestingly, Yang Guang, the commander of the Sui army to destroy Chen and later Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty, was king of Jin at that time. The whole Southern and Northern Dynasties began with Jin and ended with Jin.China has also entered the most awesome era.The history of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, say ten thousand ten thousand, today is a brief introduction.It will be introduced gradually in the future.I’m just a little porter sharing history.Thank you.