Shandong Agricultural University has won two first prizes for scientific and technological progress in Shandong Province

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The People’s Government of Shandong Province recently issued the decision on 2021 Science and technology awards in Shandong Province.Shandong Agricultural University has won two first prizes and two second prizes of Science and technology progress in Shandong Province.Participated in the project and won 1 provincial science and technology progress first prize, 5 provincial science and technology progress second prize, provincial science and technology progress third prize 1.A total of 11 awards, the number and quality of awards ranked the forefront of universities in the province, to achieve the “14th Five-year” scientific research work off to a good start!Introduction to the award-winning projects hosted by Shandong Agricultural University: First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in Shandong Province, establishment and large-scale application of poultry leukemia purification Technology SystemZhi-zhong cui (shandong agricultural university, college of animal science and technology), the results against avian leukosis purification technology system of the scientific nature and operability etc, found new ways such as the spread of avian leukosis semen, established a vaccine against the cock semen and pollution source of test specification, founded both scientific and maneuverability of such farms avian leukosis purification technology system,It has formed an operable purification technology scheme for leukaemia of native breeding chicken farms in accordance with China’s national conditions, which has been popularized and applied in more than 20 large native breeding chicken farms in China, radiating 95% of domestic egg breeding chickens and 80% of yellow-feathered broilers in China, and recovering more than 15 billion yuan of economic losses in the year after purification, with extremely significant economic, social and ecological benefits.Establishment and Application of Key Technology of Anti-stress and High Efficiency for High Yield of Summer maizeJi-wang zhang (shandong agricultural university agronomy) which results in huang-huai-hai area light warm summer corn production are insufficient resources, groups of poor quality, low utilization rate of resources, frequent non-biological adversity stress, studies the summer corn fertility group building ways and light temperature and nitrogen efficient utilization of resources physiological mechanism and to the disaster prevention and mitigation techniques of non-biological adversity stress,The key cultivation technology system with high stress tolerance for high yield of summer maize was established.In the past three years, 53.15 million mu has been extended and applied, with an average yield increase of 39.58 kg/ mu, cost saving of 43.55 yuan/mu, efficiency increase of 114.80 yuan/mu, and cumulative economic benefit increased by 4.71 billion yuan, providing important scientific and technological support for high yield and anti-stress high-efficiency production of summer maize in Shandong province and surrounding areas.Research and development and application of key technologies for green production of facility Vegetables based on ecological optimization of root zoneShi (shandong agricultural university, college of horticulture) to solve the problem of soil micro ecological deterioration, abiotic stress and disease, low product quality and safety of restrict bottleneck problem for the sustainable development of facilities vegetables, innovation of prickly ash seed (pie) and garlic straw to improve facilities vegetables rhizosphere environment, prevention and control of root knot nematodes technology, developed a series of functional biological organic fertilizer;Six good rootstocks were selected, and grafting, photoquality induction, SAM and melatonin were developed to regulate root strengthening, induce resistance and promote growth.Sodium nitroprusside, melatonin and aminobutyric acid were invented to reduce agricultural residues.The green production technology system of facility vegetable is integrated with “improving soil quality – strengthening root system – inducing resistance – excellent quality”.The selection of dwarf rootstocks with independent intellectual property rights is of great significance for ensuring and promoting the sustainable development of Apple industry in China.In this study, a series of rootstocks with or without reproductive dwarfing characteristics were successfully selected and produced, which showed excellent dwarfing, early fruit and disease resistance.The delayed development of embryo sac is the developmental biological basis of apomictic reproduction in Apple.The mechanism of DELLA protein mRNA mutation affecting long distance transport from rootstock to scion and leading to scion dwarfism was analyzed.On this basis, a series of cultivation and management techniques were put forward to realize the combination of good seed and good method.In the past three years, the promotion area of 136,200 mu, increased economic benefits of more than 400 million yuan, social and ecological benefits are remarkable.It is understood that after the provincial science and technology Award Review committee review, the provincial science and technology Award Committee review and the provincial Department of Science and Technology review, the provincial government decided that 2 people were awarded the 2021 Shandong Province science and technology highest award;45 achievements were awarded provincial Natural Science Prize;Eleven achievements were awarded provincial Technological Invention Award;37 achievements were awarded the first prize of provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, 97 achievements were awarded the second prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, and 109 achievements were awarded the third prize of provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.Two foreign experts were awarded the provincial Award for international science and technology cooperation.(Source: Shandong Agricultural University) Editor: Chi Jia Review: Ji Chunxin