“Network China Festival” new Spring Festival destination, to Ma Guan Anma Lake colorful music wind Bell town

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A few days ago, Majuan County Anma Lake colorful music wind Bell town second phase of the project is basically completed, has been open to tourists.Billow water here, beautiful scenery as tourists drive, entertainment, walking, riding a good place.Recently, in anma Lake colorful music fengling town scenic area phase II, the reporter saw many tourists have come in advance, sneak peak.Into anma Lake colorful music wind Bell town scenic area, I saw the blue sky under the white clouds sparkling lake, colorful dwellings hidden in the overlapping green mountains, colorful steps around the generous Anma Lake, as if into a colorful world.On a beach, there are four or five children playing sand, swinging, and soon two adults also put down their bikes, swinging, clear lake, playing people, outline a picture of the winter scenery, add life to the park this season.Xiong Gaoshan, a tourist, told reporters that longshujiao village was a colorful tourism village before, with health trails, 3D frescoes and so on, and now there are new changes, with a beach, swings, corridors and so on, more gameplay.Beautiful scenery, diverse play, not only adults can be leisure entertainment, but also received the welcome of children.”We played on the swings, took photos and picked up stones. My sister and I thought it was really beautiful. We had a lot of fun,” said Xiong Meiyu, a tourist.During the Spring Festival, tourists can come to anma Lake colorful Music Fengling Town scenic spot to see the beautiful scenery, breathe the fresh air, feel the sunshine, feel the breath of spring, but also pay attention to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.Yang Dagui, head of majuan Baimari Rural Tourism Development Co, said visitors to scenic spots must show their health codes and travel codes and wear masks during the Spring Festival.For the friends of self-drive tour, the scenic area set up an entrance, five exits, the entrance of the scenic area in the direction of shuizhai, exit in the direction of Jiahanqing.Colorful town, water curtain light show entertainment, walking, cycling, food are all in Ma on Shan Ma Bai town can experience.In Maguan, there are Zhuang Ma Sa, Dai Ma Gu New Zhai, Miao Old Dong Zhai, Po Ba Grassland, red Luojiaping…The tourist villages with ethnic characteristics are waiting for you to come.Majan Rong Media Center Reporter: Yang Yun Intern: Xiang Fumei Correspondent: Chen Xia Editor: Guo Wei Produced: Zhong Xiaoming review: Zi Yunbo Disclaimer: 1, the information published by this platform is non-profit news propaganda, if there is infringement, please inform to delete, this site does not assume liability for infringement.2. Reprint or quote the content of this platform shall be marked with the words “transferred from (or quoted from) Wenshan Publication”.3. The Platform shall not be liable for civil disputes, administrative treatment or other losses caused by improper reprinting or quoting of the contents of the website.