EHOME is a strong and united team

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In the opening round of the DPC China League season 1 playoffs on February 18, PSG.LGD beat EHOME 2-1 to advance to the winners’ Group final.Faith_bian was interviewed on the main stage after the match.Q: Bian Sauce is good. Congratulations on your New Year. Congratulations on winning the first game of the New Year.Are there any interesting things you can share with us?A: I went home for A while, mainly to spend time with my family.Go to the mountain next to our house and climb it with my family and friends. It’s very beautiful.Q: When do you start training after the Chinese New Year?A: We started training on February 13th, and we have recovered quite well.Q: It was a great match today.Although we lost the second set, we played very well in a bad situation. Can you review how the team communicated with each other?A: The second round was quite advantageous at the beginning, but the rou Shan round was not good. For A period of time after the round, we could not open the round with the BKB on the other side, so we had to wait for the opportunity and look for the opportunity in the later stage.Some of my skills went wrong, and on the last wave I fainted and the fire cats might have won.Q: We saw that both you and Ice Soul chose to cut lines to buy their teammates time.Did ice Soul come up with the idea to break the line when he had some equipment, or did you all think someone needed to do it at that time?A: At that time, the communication within the team believed that it was impossible to beat the team. The idea was to avoid the team, so everyone tried their own ways. Then he saw his magic crystal could break the line and went.Q: The recent playoffs in Western Europe, Southeast Asia and South America have all finished. Is there any team that impressed you particularly or did a good job?A: After watching the video of GG team, I think GG team, the champion of Western European region, is quite unique, because they play very few heroes, only playing elf, Skull King, blue cat and so on. They always choose those few heroes every time. But that system plays very well.Q: In the third set, you took a two-headed dragon with a high probability that your opponent’s number one position was TA. At that time, I thought that two-headed dragon might play number three. Did you consider that at that time?Because we’ve seen some foreign players, like Iceiceice, play the three-position two-headed dragon.A: No, the two-headed dragon is better at supporting.For the third position, it has no effect other than damage, and the damage it can do is almost the same as support.Q: Your opponent EHOME is also a dark horse of this season. What’s your comment on EHOME?A: They are all very new players. Their individual strength is very good. Their number three south-east Asian player Zeal is also very good.Q: You wrote in the match that Zeal is good. Do you know her well?A: No, it was just A joke between friends.PSG.LGD will play against Aster and RNG in tomorrow’s match, please follow bilibili live to watch the DPC China League playoffs.More information about the event can be found on the special page: DPC China league first season playoff (DPC China Winter Tour – Regional Final) is sponsored by the perfect world e-sports,VALVE officially designated DOTA2 as the world’s top tournament.The event was established to provide a bridge for the top elite teams in each competition area to advance to the international invitational tournament under special circumstances.Four teams from The Chinese league will be in the exciting competition for 3 days, according to the ranking of the corresponding prize money and DPC points, paving the road to the international invitational tournament.