Three “supervisory committee” raid investigation of Zhang Lishan’s younger brother reclamation case, the former “green committee” on the scene triggered doubts

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DPP authority watchdog “supervisory committee” Lin Shengfeng, ting-ming lai, Lin Yurong today afternoon (26) south yunlin six bites dog fights the period of investigation KMT yunlin county magistrate Zhang Lishan twin Zhang Qimeng wade, encroach on public land and reclamation case “supervisor committee,” said only after the probe, “asked a lot of useful information, go back to do investigation report”.Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker Su Zhifen said in a statement this month that zhang’s family had been “removed from the market” and that zhang qimeng, Zhang Lishan’s younger brother, had occupied public land and illegally reclaimed hillsides. The Yunlin county government also received an official document from the supervisory body showing that three “supervisory commission” will come to Yunlin on April 24 to investigate the case.I listened to briefings in the morning and conducted on-the-spot surveys in the afternoon, which triggered many political associations from all walks of life.The watchdog cancelled its trip on Monday, citing concerns over the spread of the virus, but the investigation was rescheduled for Saturday on the same day.Yunlin county government respect “supervisory committee” request confidentiality, appointed director of water resources Xu Hongbo, section chief Zeng Guoshun accompanied.General Taiwan media reported that the three supervisory commission members were sent by the Yunlin county government to huwei high-speed rail on the afternoon of 26, and directly to the mountain slope of The Biting dog section.It is worth noting that Yin Lingying, the former “green Committee”, was also at the scene.The investigation was not open to the public. Three “supervisory committee members” entered the scene and asked xu Hongbo, director of water conservancy of the county government, many questions. The investigation ended after nearly two hours.Taiwan media asked three members of the commission for their views on the investigation, and one of them responded that he had obtained a lot of useful information and would make an investigation report back home.Xu Hongbo, director of water conservancy in Yunlin County, said that the county government had provided some relevant evidence and information before, and that the “supervisory commission” had doubts about the written place to clarify, for the “supervisory commission” questions he replied and explained.Zhang Lishan, head of Yunlin County, visited the Shibi tribe in Caoling village of Gukeng township and attended the press conference. She did not descend from Caoling until 3pm.In view of the “supervision committee” investigation, Zhang Lishan said that the case she completely fair handling, standing in the position of the county government to improve the doer, and later also “according to law” transfer.’There is no case in Taiwan’s political history where a county magistrate’s sister has transferred her brother,’ she said. ‘She is the first.Zhang lishan said that the county government respects and cooperates with the investigation of the supervisory body. The supervisory committee hopes that the process will not be disturbed and the county government fully cooperates with the investigation.But Cheung also pointed out that Yin, a former “legislator”, was present at the scene, raising questions about whether someone deliberately put out the message to continue to create false messages.In response to the incident, Ling Tao, chairman of the KMT literary biography Association, said recently that the DPP was “cutting its throat” to kill red eyes.When The “Green Committee” Su Zhifen named Zhang Lishan, the watchdog immediately followed up, the “ruling party” is now demonstrating the use of power for political reckoning.Ling Tao said that he himself as yunlin people know best, The Su family is the North port “famous” political family, su Zhifen is relying on the family early start, please Su Zhifen face up to the facts, stop distorting the facts to allude to the county government to cover up, do not continue in the ground people are understood “political performance”.(Lin Jingxian/Editor) # Taiwan #