“She” is not “she”?See the strength of the police to solve the problem!

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The cummer that contacts a month on the net, say not to know him in front of police, is this how to return a responsibility?Not long ago, The Keyan police station received a man surnamed Guo to report to the police that he had been cheated of more than 90,000 yuan by dating fraud.After receiving the police, the police made detailed inquiries about the situation.Guo said he was from Guizhou and had been working in Keyan.In December last year, he met a woman named “Xiaoli” through a friend, and although the two never met, they quickly established a relationship online.Online, the couple flirted with each other.Before long, “Xiaoli” inadvertently about his previous owe a sum of money, Guo offered to help repayment.Gradually, “Xiaoli” in order to “go to the hospital to check the operation” “also mortgage” and other reasons to Guo for money, although he is always on request, but began to suspect.So, Guo mou put forward to see id card photo, but “Xiaoli” has not promised.In order to confirm the situation, he quietly came to “Xiaoli” guizhou hometown, holding each other’s photos to ask the villagers, someone told him that the photo of the people really in the village, but the surname is not the same.He went to the local police station to ask for help, but was told he had never contacted him.”What is it?After returning to Shaoxing Keyan, he was still puzzled, but decided to go to the police station for help.According to the clue that the party offers, shen Shihao of the police on duty starts to visit investigation work, mastered guo mou cummer eventually “xiaoli” the landing place, find its in Guizhou.Make Guo mou unexpectedly is, the suspect is to introduce his girlfriend unexpectedly “matchmaker” Wang Mou.Wang said that she and Guo in the same unit, over time fell in love, can be repeated confession was rejected.So, she had a vengeful heart, pretend to be the “matchmaking woman” to introduce guo, with sister-in-law “Xiaoli” identity and photo registration micro channel account, and chat with them, defrauding money.A few days ago, the suspect Wang mou has been detained according to law, the case is being investigated further.Written by Ke Yan Suo Xueni edited by Tang Yun And Zhu Jian and approved by Zhang Qingqing