Qishan, Shaanxi province, the hometown of Rites, in the “Twin building” full of love courtyard

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In Qishan County, Shaanxi Province, there is a “Twin building” where the bones and flesh are linked together. The big family living in this special building enjoy a happy family and live happily and healthily.The 95-year-old woman is always smiling, and the daily life of the Wechslers is even more enviable.They are filial to the old and love their relatives, let the twin buildings love the courtyard, inherit the warm family tradition, with the happiness of the “small family” civilization to promote the harmony and progress of the society this “big family”, become a beautiful talk of the hometown of The Rites of Zhou.Since 2013, Qishan county has launched a practice activity to carry forward the Zhou Ritual culture and socialist core values. With the activity of “Finding the Most Beautiful Family” as the carrier, qishan County has vigorously fostered a new trend of family civilization featuring harmony between husband and wife, respect for the elderly, thrift, and mutual assistance between neighbors, and promoted a new folk custom with good family traditions.In the search for the “most Beautiful Family” campaign, Wei luhuan’s family was chosen as the country’s most beautiful family in 2020.Now, in Qishan County, the search for the “most beautiful family” activity brought a breeze is rising.Wei Luhuan, 58, is a villager in Qixing Village, Caijiapo town, Qishan County.His younger brother, Wei Luming, is seven years younger.More than 30 years ago, in order to take care of their elderly parents, wei Luhuan and Wei Luming brothers became neighbors and built their house into a “family bond”.The courtyard of Wei Luhuan’s home (photo provided by interviewee) What is the “flesh and blood” housing pattern?Even the living room and the hall on the second floor have a door to each other.Such a shape, so that the floor area is twice as wide as the neighboring buildings.For years, the names of wei Luhuan and Wei Luming brothers were scattered on two household registers, but they came and went through a gate.This special family live in harmony in the “Twin Towers”, helping each other and taking care of their parents together, which is the envy of the village.Over the years, although the interior of the twin Towers has undergone two renovations, the two families have maintained this “flesh and blood” pattern.”When a family is together, don’t care too much about it.The building was built in 2000, Mr. Wei said, and his father designed the round red door between the two homes, which he called ‘harmony is the most precious.’The wechslers’ father, who died in 2004, was a retired teacher with a passion for reading and traditional culture.Although the mother is illiterate, but deeply influenced by qishan Zhou Feng Qin yun, life is good to others, still can recite a lot of ancient wisdom of folk songs.This year has been 95 years old old mother, is now the four generations of the same hall, 9 family “ancestor”.”My mother is in her 90s and hale and hearty.In addition to taking care of her food and drink, we pay more attention to her company.My wife and I usually have dinner with my mother, and the younger members of the family often gather around the old man during the Spring Festival.”Besides himself and his brother, Mr. Wei said, his wife and sister-in-law are also devoted to their mother.”All these years of taking care of my mother together, being more meticulous, makes my mother feel better.”In addition to taking care of their mother together, the two families take care of each other in matters big and small.”My wife and I used to work outside for many years. For a long time, my brother and sister-in-law took care of our son.”Wei luhuan said, such a big event, small care is too numerous to enumerates.At ordinary times his wife is not at home sister-in-law will do their own meals;No one at my brother’s house. They’ll clean both sides.”Two farms totaling nearly two acres are connected together. It doesn’t matter who has more or less land, who buys the seeds and who applies the fertilizer. Every harvest season is a 50-50 share of grain.”Mr. Wei said.”Being filial to your elders and taking care of your parents is what children should do.”Wei says his parents are very filial to his grandparents.When grandma lost her sight in her old age, her mother took care of her more carefully while busy with farm work.They have eight brothers and sisters, all of whom grew up under the guidance of their elders.”Children should take care of their parents, and I, as a daughter-in-law, should set a good example.”Dong Yali, Wei’s wife, said, “After I married into this family, my parents-in-law treated me very well and did not treat me as an outsider. My husband and his brothers have always been very friendly with each other. The atmosphere of this family is very harmonious.”More than 40 members of my eight siblings’ family get together every year during Chinese New Year.”Wei luhuan said that his mother is healthy and his brothers and sisters help each other, and his younger siblings gradually grow up to know things and manners. From the warm atmosphere of the party, they can always feel the harmony and warmth of the big family.In 2019, wechsler Brothers was named “The Most Beautiful Family in Sanqin”.In 2020, at the sixth Baoji Moral Model Award ceremony, the Webster brothers were honored as moral models of filial piety and love of parents.”We are all children and parents.I hope to pass on the traditional Chinese virtues through words and deeds.”Mr. Wei said.(Yang Xilong) Responsible editor: Wu Xiaohui Source :24 Xinhua net