No successor in American politics?The 82-year-old Pelosi made an announcement that reassured Democrats

2022-07-29 0 By

The situation in the United States is complicated now. Biden has marked his first anniversary in office, but so far, his performance in both domestic and foreign affairs has been lackluster. As the epidemic has spiraled out of control, Biden’s approval rating has dropped rapidly.According to a number of US pollsters, Biden’s approval rating has slipped to around 33 percent, which is even lower than it was on Trump’s first anniversary in office.Biden’s low approval ratings also mean Democrats are likely to lose the midterm elections to republicans.If that were to happen, Biden would repeat the awkwardness that marked the end of Obama’s presidency.Whatever resolution the administration comes up with, it will fail in Congress, where Republicans control both the Senate and the House of Representatives.It is also at this critical moment that Us House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a recent media interview, clearly stated that she would seek re-election in this year’s MID-TERM elections of the US Congress, which obviously violated her previous oath.Pelosi has previously said this term will be her last.She is 82 years old and will continue to serve as speaker of the House of Representatives if she wins another midterm election.The fact that Pelosi is now breaking her promise is directly related to the Democrats’ current election situation.The Democrats have an uphill battle this year if they are to win the election.Born in 1940, Pelosi is the first female speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.And Pelosi has so much clout in the Democratic Party that it’s hard to find a member of Congress with the same political clout to run in the midterm elections and raise more money for Democrats.In addition, according to data released by the Democratic Party, 29 House Democrats will retire at the end of the current term, representing the loss of democratic control of the House, which is a serious disadvantage for Democratic President Joe Biden.Gallup also pointed out in a research report that 47% of Americans support the Republican Party and only 42% support the Democratic Party, which is not optimistic.Now, as is common practice in American politics, both parties are focused on the upcoming midterm elections.Part of the source reference: huanqiu