Night terrors: What to do if you cry at night(2)

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Shandong province traditional Chinese medicine hospital traditional Chinese medicine classics li Xuejun to “night terrors disease popular science – home” night cry lang “how to do (a)” how to prevent and treat?In general, the occasional one or two children, without deliberate treatment, as the age of growth, the symptoms will slowly disappear.During this period, parents and friends should guide their children scientifically, from the following aspects: the first to develop good sleep habits.The quality of sleep directly affects the development of the child’s body and brain.We should keep regular hours, go to bed early and get up early, and avoid going to bed late.Avoid turning on the light when sleeping.Use the correct sleeping position and avoid sleeping on your stomach or with your head under the covers.Avoid eating too much before bed. These good sleep habits will help your brain get enough rest.Second, monitor the use of electronic products.With the progress of science and technology and society, contemporary children are very easy to access or even addicted to multimedia such as TV, mobile phones and so on.Parents should limit the time they spend playing mobile games and avoid watching exciting and scary videos.Third, lift the psychological burden.Many parents and friends are too demanding for their children, and even beat and scold their children when they are in a bad mood. These behaviors will cause anxiety in children.In addition, some children are also affected by sudden family changes, such as the death of a loved one and so on.As a parent, first of all, we should be aware of the child’s emotional changes, especially for the children who are “mindful”, we should timely soothe and comfort, encourage and appreciate more, give hug, kiss and other close contact, create a pleasant family environment, avoid other mental health problems in the future.Increase activity moderately during the fourth day.Exercise can not only enhance physical fitness, but also promote the balance of brain neurotransmitters.They also tend to sleep deeply at night, improving sleep quality.But avoid excessive play before bed.But when children with frequent night terrors, need to see a doctor in time.Parents and friends can choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment, most of the children we receive after taking medicine, the curative effect is remarkable.How does traditional Chinese medicine recognize this disease?Generally speaking, TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine treats from the Angle of uneasiness.Children often diet is not controlled, excessive food fat sweet greasy, damage in the coke spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach deficiency, transport dereliction of duty, brews phlegm wet phlegm turbidness, blind the mind, uneasy.Children have pure Yang body, sometimes one’s desire is not satisfied, xingan Qi yu, easy to heat and fire, hot to disturb the mind, disturbed at night crying.Therefore, different prescription drugs were given according to different syndrome differentiation results.Spleen deficiency and spleen, internal heat sheng qingxin tranquilizer, phlegm dampness heavy phlegm tranquilizer.How does Traditional Chinese medicine recuperate?First, traditional Chinese medicine has many effects.As mentioned above, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of night panic is due to heat disturbing the mind. Tea can be used to clear heat and calm the mind: 3~9g of Ophiopogon, 3~9g of chrysanthemum, 3~9g of lily, 3~9g of pale bamboo leaves, 3~9g of jujube kernel, 3~9g of platycodon platycodon.Can also be filled with cinnabar, gastrodia elata, uncaria and other tranquilized medicine sachet on the bedside.It should be pointed out that TCM treatment emphasizes treatment based on syndrome differentiation, which varies from person to person. If the symptoms continue to be unable to be alleviated after the above measures are taken, it is recommended to receive specialized treatment as soon as possible.Second, children’s massage is convenient and fast.According to kneading Yangchi, pinggan meridian, Qingfei Meridian, qingtian river, pounding small Heart of heaven, pinching and rubbing the five fingers, each technique lasts 1~2 minutes, 100~120 times per minute.It should be noted that the technique should be gentle, accurate and light to avoid damage to the skin.Can use massage oil as medium, massage therapy is convenient and effective, and no pain, no side effects, worth a try.But non-professionals are often not in place, if you want to choose, try to professional massage institutions.Doctor profile: Li Xuejun, attending physician, master of Medicine.He is a member of shandong Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Specialized Committee of Classical Medicine, world Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine specialized Committee of Internal Economics, jinan Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Infectious Diseases Specialized Committee.He studied under professor Ding Yuanqing, a famous Chinese medicine expert in Shandong Province.Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of insomnia, snoring, anxiety, depression, headache, dizziness, pediatric night panic syndrome, pediatric tic syndrome, stomach pain, constipation, senility, acne, eczema and other chronic diseases, as well as physical identification and conditioning.Program Introduction:For calls countries to develop the traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine culture propaganda work, qilu evening news · JiLuYi points out, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine “report column, the column set up and the two plates, around the general practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine higher-ups interviews, time of keeping in good health care, etc., show the image of a new era of Chinese medicine and speak good Chinese story of the new era, to do ground of traditional Chinese medicine science,Let more people understand TCM and recognize TCM.Application requirements: 1. 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