Heavy snow arrived, Shunyi District North town to do a good job of heavy snow weather response

2022-07-29 0 By

The first snow of the Year of the Tiger arrived in the early hours of Monday morning with strong momentum.Beiwu town to snow as the order, smell the snow and move, the first time to launch the snow emergency plan, multiple measures to ensure the town road safety and smooth, smooth and orderly urban operation.Personnel and equipment in place early Beiwu town attaches great importance to the snow weather response work, organize the relevant departments to arrange deployment in time, cleaning company to prepare personnel, machinery and materials in advance, fully mobilize the town’s villages, enterprises and businesses to take active action, fully implement the snow and ice shovel work.After all the cadres of Bao Village sank, more than 130 bao village personnel sank quickly to help villages shovel ice and clear snow on key roads and areas such as main roads, village bayonet and public toilets, thus clearing a “safe road and a safe road” for the masses.Line patrol andpromote security line patrol and security 14 early in the morning, the town party secretary zhang jianguo, mayor NieShuSheng led to the trunk roads under ice snow shovel and central supervision inspection situation, strengthen the responsibility to carry out the requirements for relevant departments, speed up progress of snow removal operations and timely deal with mass appeal, fully complete each security service security work.In the low-temperature weather, guard personnel and volunteers at the checkpoint in each village stick to their posts, implement epidemic prevention and control measures in spite of wind and snow, and clean the checkpoint and surrounding areas in a timely manner to ensure the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians.Up to now, the town has dispatched more than 200 operators, 16 clearance vehicles, 5 tons of snow melt agent, supervision of more than 50 units in the street to carry out snow clearing work, cleaning 28 main roads and streets, a total of more than 60,000 square meters of snow clearing area.Although the snow has stopped, our operation continues……This week, the temperature will continue to fall, in order to minimize the adverse impact of low temperature weather on people’s production and life, next, the town will strengthen the area of road safety, lighting, agricultural facilities, water and electricity patrol duty, continue to melt ice and snow in special areas, to ensure people safe winter.