Qingdao Volanduo car discount 35 thousand yuan, welcome to appreciate

2022-07-28 0 By

Busy work, make you tired, it is time to reward yourself, Qingdao Chenghuida Chevrolet store feedback customers big price, February 07 – February 07, Volanduo maximum discount of 35,000 yuan, reward their struggle,Happiness has you more courtesy promotion time 2022 02 07 to 2022 02 07 preferential terms need to add decoration, in the store insurance, in the store loan, in the store brand Volanddo latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Qingdao offer light mix 530TStrength enjoy version (5 blocks) 136,900 yuan 35,900 yuan light mix 530T strength enjoy version (5+2) 141,900 yuan 106,900 yuan light mix Redline 530T vertical version (5 blocks) 149,900 yuan 35,500 yuan 114,900 yuan light mix RedlineRedline 530T Vertical enjoy version (5+2) 159,900 Yuan 35,500 yuan 124,900 yuan