How beautiful is the national style design?New Jetway X70S is coming!

2022-07-28 0 By

January 13-19, 2022, Outsmart Tiger Mountain — During the test drive of the 2022 Jetto Motor Wild Race in Linhai Snow Plain, Jetto Motor debuted the new JETto X70S SUV model.The new car used the “Huicheng Leader 2.0” design language, due to the jietu car 70 before the big sale, many friends of this car debut is doubly looking forward to.What exactly are the new car changes?Let’s find out.From the face, we can see that the front face of the new car is more classical atmosphere.Polygon of the parametric grid named the “wing” of the eaves, internal filled with mesh, like folds of cornices, create the magnificent momentum, and special flying light flavor of the Chinese ancient buildings, like the eagle eye LED headlamps are connected to the grid, the collocation of brand-new modelling of fog lamps, further stretched out before the face of visual width, is like a stand and stand of the gates,It captures the essence of the contrast between the flying eaves and the vertical walls in Hui-style architecture, presenting the visual contrast and at the same time integrating into one, bringing lively elements and making the more magnificent the more you look at it.Stability of the vehicle design with the skin more strength look from flank, new car body line is concise and clear, the two lines on the summit, clear and elegant, the same from S column to tail lights, as neatly as flowing smoothly, with 20 inches of aluminum wheel hub, not only bring the vehicle movement atmosphere, also let body looks more stable, simple and not mechanical,Dignified but not rigid.In the rear part, we are surprised to see that the new car retained split LED taillights, which are highly recognizable. The strip fog lights are parallel to the rear bumper, giving the new car a solid chassis.Tie-in pure color caboose design, whole looks concise and solemn.The four-row electroplated barrel is also a highlight of the new car, giving a feeling of readiness, and further bringing a sense of strength and movement to the vehicle, which can be described as a masterstroke.Carefully read it a few times, you will have a deeper impression, designers as if there is a kind of magic, will contain in Chinese ancient architecture of the beauty of a solemn, flying fast, and appearance is very good fuses in together, let the car shed its industrial cold, rejected the monotony, namely appear kinetic unapt too exaggerated, the vehicle of harmony can let a person feel more close,The more you look at it, the better it looks.In addition, the new Jetu X70S also passed the test drive experience in the “Taking Tiger Mountain by Wisdom” — 2022 Jetu Motor Wild Racing Conference in Linhai Snowy Plain, successfully withstood the extreme cold test, the quality must be very reliable, I believe that this will bring new car purchase options for consumers.The event will run from April 9, 2022 to April 9, 2022