Hangzhou is building a large cultural park, divided into two phases, covering an area of 182 mu, the first choice for leisure

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Hangzhou is building a large cultural park, which is divided into two phases, covering an area of 182 mu. Zhejiang is the first choice for leisure, which is familiar to most people. Zhejiang is a strong economic province in our country, and within Zhejiang, the economy can be said to be very strong.More importantly, Hangzhou is also a new first-tier city in our country, and its economic aggregate has exceeded one trillion yuan, so the overall economy is very good, and it is also the economic, scientific, educational and cultural center of the province. The overall development is very good, so it can be said that the development is getting better and better.For hangzhou now, and the overall profile is also more and more high, become a lot of people choose to visit the place, and here is a very excellent tourist city hangzhou, within the territory of the city, has quite a lot of cultural history, estimates that and around the west lake there is quite a lot of natural and cultural heritage, only you come here, to know,In fact, now the scenery here is very good, Hangzhou in the continuous development of many of the current scenery is very concerned, just as we tell here: Hangzhou is under construction of a large cultural park, divided into two phases of construction, covering an area of 182 acres.This is yuhang District Liangzhu Culture Yujia Mountain archaeological Site Park, and the construction of the park is mainly to help protect the site, and this is an important part of the park, so the current construction of the park is mainly to show some different culture and history.And mainly in order to let people feel the scenery of Liangzhu culture for local people to provide a place for leisure and play, so the overall landscape is really good, you can find when you come here, in fact, now the scenery here is very good.At present, the landscape of liangzhu Culture Yujia Mountain Archaeological Site Park is 182 mu. The construction was officially started on November 19, 2020, and it is an archaeological site park integrating the protection of the site and the display of cultural scenery. The scenery is very good.Although the current park here presents a two-phase construction, the first phase is mainly the construction of the ruins park, covering an area of 155 mu, and here is mainly for some restored displays and some ground marking areas, the scenery is very good.Culture is the 2nd phase of the construction of a museum, the whole area is 27 acres, the overall building area of 26000 square meters, mainly some cultural relics protection, science and technology research base, show the scenery is very good, after completion, here is a good place for recreation, the scenery is very good, can have a chance to come here to play later.This park in Hangzhou is worth checking in. There are man-made beauty and natural scenery, and the scenery is infinite. If you want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to lang in Hangzhou