Beijing: urban (suburban) rail transit design, geriatric friendly medical institutions assessment technology are “standard”!

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Xinhua Net Beijing, April 6 (reporter Yang Na)Recently, to promote the development of the capital quality standard system construction, Beijing released 61 local standards, involving nine large areas, including 17 of engineering construction, urban management and public service 9, resources conservation and utilization of 4, 4 items of ecological environment, 4 items of health, 4 items of informatization, public safety, service, paragraphs 1 and 15 of agriculture.The number of local standards in effect will reach 1,906.We have learned,This batch of key standards include specifications for design of district (rural) rail transit intelligent community construction technical regulation “the use and management of large amusement facilities operation and maintenance rules” in a gasoline vehicle exhaust emissions limits and measurement methods (remote sensing test) of the construction waste recycled product application technology regulation “elderly friendly medical institutions to assess technical specifications” and so on.For example, The Code for Urban (Suburban) Rail Transit Design applies to the design of steel wheel rails and urban (suburban) rail transit projects driven by electric traction within the administrative area and the cross-border area of Beijing, with the highest operating speed of 120 km/ h-200 km/h.According to the Regulations for Operation, Use, Management and Maintenance of Passenger Ropeway, the monitoring scope of monitoring equipment should cover the envelope range of the whole operation track of passenger ropeway, and the storage period of video and image information collected should be no less than 30 days.The Emission Limits and Measurement Methods of Exhaust Pollutants from Gasoline Vehicles in Use (Remote Sensing Detection Method) include hydrocarbons and nitric oxide in the standard emission limits for the first time;”Technical Specifications for evaluation of Geriatric Friendly Medical Institutions” emphasizes in geriatric friendly services that hospitals should provide “no code” channel, priority or referral green channel, barrier-free facilities channel and other services, so that the elderly’s medical treatment becomes convenient, simple, fast and barrier-free.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: