Xining city will make every effort to ensure the nucleic acid testing needs of citizens

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On February 8, the health Commission of Xining city learned that Xining made every effort to ensure the nucleic acid testing needs of people returning from Ningxia during the Spring Festival. The nucleic acid testing laboratories of 10 secondary and higher medical institutions in the city provided 24-hour nucleic acid testing services, and a total of 34,500 nucleic acid tests were conducted during the Spring Festival.The reporter learned that during the Spring Festival, the Municipal Health Commission made comprehensive efforts to improve the manpower, material resources, time, quality and safety of nucleic acid testing, and set up a third-class nucleic acid sampling team.There are 135 emergency sampling teams from 27 teams, 600 mobile sampling teams from 6 teams, and 2,200 support sampling teams from 22 teams.Two types of nucleic acid testing teams have been set up, consisting of 240 people in 40 echelons of nucleic acid testing, and 64 people in two municipal nucleic acid testing support teams. Medical personnel are on standby during holidays to deal with emergencies.According to statistics, a total of 34,500 nucleic acid tests were carried out during the Spring Festival, of which 30,665 were willing to be tested and 3835 should be tested (including 1,750 for newly hospitalized patients and accompanying personnel, and 1,742 for staff of medical institutions).The CDCS at all levels in The city carried out a total of 5,192 nucleic acid tests for key groups of all kinds, including 111 for close contact, 19 for inbound personnel, 913 for staff in medical institutions, and 1,037 for medium-high risk people who returned to China.In the next step, Xining will continue to improve nucleic acid testing capacity, strengthen nucleic acid testing, effectively guarantee the nucleic acid testing needs of people returning from Ningxia after the Spring Festival, and make every effort to consolidate the hard-won achievements of epidemic prevention and control.Source: Xining Evening News author: Na-Ren Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information, conducive to the popularization of law.If any source is wrong or infringes your legitimate rights and interests, please contact Qinghai Law Popularization with proof of ownership, we will correct and delete it in time, thank you.