Work notice!Zhengzhou to resume restrictions tomorrow!How does tomb-sweeping day holiday work overtime salary calculate?

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Qingming festival has entered the third day of the small holiday tomorrow we will go to work many friends today began to think about the next holiday when?Let me tell you a piece of good news: The May Day holiday is just around the corner. Next week, we can have a holiday again. But we have to go to work tomorrow.According to The State Council holiday notice tomb-sweeping Day holiday today (April 5) officially ended tomorrow (April 6) Wednesday need to go to work friends must remember this evening before going to bed to set the alarm clock oh tomorrow Zhengzhou will resume the specific limit which two tail number?Today is the last day of the Qingming Festival holiday in Zhengzhou, no restrictions on vehicles within the third Ring Road tomorrow is April 6 (Wednesday).April 24 (Sunday), due to the May Day holiday adjusted to work days, restricted to fuel motor vehicles ending in 2 and 7.Tomb-sweeping Day holiday how to calculate overtime wages?”Labor law” 44th regulation, have one of the following circumstances, unit of choose and employ persons ought to pay according to the following standard the wage remuneration that is higher than laborer normal working time: ■ arrange laborer to extend working time, pay not under 150% of wage remuneration;■ Rest days arrange workers to work and can not arrange compensatory rest, pay no less than 200% of wages;■ No less than 300% of wages will be paid to workers arranged to work on statutory holidays.1, April 5 (Tomb-sweeping Day) is a legal holiday, the law does not allow the rest.As long as overtime work is arranged, no less than 300% of my daily wage should be paid.Calculation formula: monthly wage base 21.75÷8× overtime hours ×300%.2, April 3, 4 days of this 2 days, if the arrangement of workers work and can not arrange compensatory rest, should pay not less than my daily wages of 200% of wages.Calculation formula: monthly wage base 21.75÷8× overtime hours ×200%.We’re going to work tomorrow. Are you all rested?We cherish the last day of the holiday today is also the Tomb-sweeping Day is a festival to remember our ancestors no matter where you can pass the green way of mourning —————————————————— source: Zhengzhou traffic police, Shenzhen people’s Association, Zhengzhou local treasure comprehensive