Will the C11 sell well if it runs like a Tesla?

2022-07-27 0 By

Speaking of Tesla, I believe everyone is familiar with it.As one of the top three new energy vehicle sales brands all the year round, Tesla is very popular in China. However, for most consumers, it is still a “luxury” to spend more than 300,000 yuan to buy a new energy vehicle.So if there was a car at this point that was cheaper than the Tesla but had similar specs, would it sell well?Speaking of which, we will mention today’s protagonist — zero run C11.In December last year, the pure tram, aimed at a mid-size SUV, finally came to market.After some research, many people called the car “half price Tesla,” which is similar to tesla’s “flat replacement.”So will the zero-run C11 sell well with tesla’s enthusiasm?Let’s take a look with the question.In terms of appearance, due to the positioning difference from the previous two family models, the zero-run C11 is completely free of the design burden, and does not have to follow the family style step by step, so the overall shape of the play space is large.But zero Race doesn’t seem to be trying to make this car very radical, so in reality, it’s a very popular look.Grillless front face and front and rear ring light belt are the common design language of pure electric cars, so there is not much highlight to speak of.The sleek sides, frameless doors and hidden door handles give the car a nod to the Tesla Model Y.The rear of the car is a bit of a slip back effect, the top of the black spoiler with penetrating taillights, so that the texture of the whole car has been greatly improved.When it comes to the interior, I have to say that the zero-run C11 is quite a surprise.Large area inside car used coriaceous material to cover, no matter feel or simple sense is very good, of wood grain act the role ofing board to join also added a few minutes advanced feeling for whole cabin space, calculate in this price go up is more outstanding design.The three large screens distributed on the central console are undoubtedly the most attractive places.While multiple screens and large sizes are nothing new in today’s domestic car market, the design on the ZERO-run C11 was a surprise.Moreover, the car is equipped with the third-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 automotive digital cockpit platform, so the operation is very smooth, almost no lag and lag, and the use of the feeling is good.However, the car is not without its shortcomings, such as space is not its strong point.Although from the book parameters, zero run C11 has a great advantage in the body size, but its internal space is not spacious as we imagine, the wheelbase of 2930mm has not been well used, so consumers with large demand for interior space may want to consider it carefully.In terms of endurance, zero-run C11 provides three ranges of 510Km, 550km and 610km. Although such endurance performance is not enough for simple daily travel, it is still insufficient for long-distance running.And in general, the true range of a pure tram will be somewhat discounted by various factors, so it will still affect the overall ride experience somewhat.In general, just look at the zero run C11 this car, in fact, there is no big problem.And its shortcomings in space and endurance can be ignored if you are not so picky. After all, this small fault does not have a great impact on the use of the whole car. With a price of tens of thousands of yuan, the cost performance is really excellent.But as a little-known new power brand, can Zero Run really sell such an expensive car?The answer is a little difficult, after all, its current brand strength, can not bear such a “heavy task”, the brand itself does not have much market experience.So while the C11 is catching on with Tesla, it’s still a little unrealistic to expect a big hit.As for the sales of this car later, or to the market to judge.