Wenchang city held “Wenwu Shengchang” hip-hop dance competition

2022-07-27 0 By

Video:In order to promote the construction of mass sports in Wenchang and introduce sports activities and competitions popular with the masses, on February 13, under the guidance of Wenchang Tourism and Culture, Radio, Film and Sports Bureau,Wenchang City Sports Affairs Service Center and Hainan Dancesport Sports Association jointly hosted the 2022 Wenchang City “Wenwu Shengchang” hip-hop dance competition held in Wencheng Town Sky Square.It is understood that the street dance event is the first held in Wenchang city, and nearly 400 break dancers from all over the country signed up to participate.The competition is divided into breakdancing adult group and children group. The judges are composed of professional referees from both within and outside the province. It is a large-scale professional hip-hop competition.At the scene of the event, the wonderful hip-hop performance of the contestants attracted many audiences to watch, and everyone took out their mobile phones to take photos.Huang Wenwen, secretary general of Hainan Dancessport Association, said, “This time, we want to promote the participation of local youth and teenagers through this competition, and bring hip hop, a relatively fashionable sports culture, to Wenchang, so as to promote more young people to participate in this activity.”